Brown Semen Pose Hazards, What Should One Do?

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Expert introduced that the male semen is generally transparent, and hematospermia is generally manifested as semen in the color of pink, red, brown red or with blood filament. In semen tests, under the microscope, a large number of red blood cells can be seen. So, how does hematospermia affect men? What do the hazards of hemospermia have?
1. Kill sperm: Inflammation occurs because there are a large number of white blood cells in the seminal plasma, it may also include pus, which viscosity will significantly increase, and ejaculation of semen is not easy to liquidate, thus sperm can not move and drive straight into the cervix. The volume of the seminal plasma during inflammation is too little for sperm to survive.

2. Cause infertility: Due to the complex structure of the sexual organ that causes the bloody sperm, and the drainage is not smooth, it is easy to become chronic imflammation, thus causing secondary obstruction of the vas deferens and ejaculation canal edema obstruction,which lead to ejaculation action without semen discharge. This is the mechanism of infertility caused by hematosperm  .
3. Sexual function decline: If the hematospermia is not cured for a long time or the treatment is not effective, it will also lead to the funcion of other parts of the body to decline, and coupled with the fear of disease in the heart, affecting male sexual function.
4. The seminal duct obstruction: Disease will cause the seminal duct obstruction, resulting from inflammation, injury, deformity caused by the epididymal duct, vas deferens and ejaculatory duct obstruction.

5. Cause acquired factors disorder: Weak spleen and stomach, as well as insufficient blood supply. Besides, there're symptoms such as endowment is insufficient, kidney essence deficit, no sperm and so on.
Hematospermia is often just the characteristic of chronic seminal vesiculitis, in which the semen appears pink, dark red, or brown. Vesiculitis is caused by bacteria. When the seminal vesicle adjacent organs are infected by bacteria or the seminal vesicle itself is congested, the seminal vesicle may be infected and inflamed. 
The efficacy of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can clear up the bacteria that lead to the disease, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and have a good effect on seminal vesiculitis and other urinary and reproductive system inflammation.