How Constipation Hurts Testicle?

Date:2019-08-01 click:0
Some doctors would tell the patient constipation has nothing to do with testicle pain. Is it true? Obviously, Some don’t have a good and overall knowledge over the connection between constipation and epididymitis. Such issue looks like a small case but it matters from my understanding. 
Then how constipation hurts testicle?
In fact, the veins in testicle is really close to anus’s and some are also in anus area. When patient gets constipated for some time, the veins in anus’s area would go staining and so are the veins in testicle. And that is easy to get the patient infected because of constipation causing veins swollen and then it is easy to cause hemorrhoids, fissures or even abscesses. In this case, your testicle would get very sensitive. 

If you suffer from testicle pain by constipation, it’d better go to the hospital to have a B ultra-sound examination and follow the doctor’s note after making sure your condition. 
On the other side, the patients are suggested to set up a health life style. And except following doctor’s advice, health diet could help a lot. For example, drink regularly a lot of water and fruit juice that have effect to anti-oxidants, eat antimicrobial food like food containing lactobacillus acidophilu to drive the intestines in your stomach work well in digestion, cayenne pepper and garlic that can clean the blood to relieve the infection, eat vegetable that has rich vitamins and stop eating fatty food.

All those could help you to get toxins out and have chance to cure constipation.  
The above tips is good to treat constipation and relieve the testicle pain. In most cases, testicle pain will not go away with constipation. Then what can the patients do?

To have a good treatment, a good way out is to take the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for testicle pain. It obviously drive the blood circulation and weaken the inflammation gradually. This could be a conventional treatment and safe if patients want to cure such diseases from its root in a faster way.

The treatment increase the rate to recover. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill is natural herbal medicine, which is researched by clinics and proved to be very effective by the researcher and the user. And it is free of side effects.