Constipation and Epididymitis: There is Certain Connection

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"Well! Take a deep breath, hold my breath and let me try again!  Oh no, oh my god! It’s too painful to shit, but I can’t hold on. Shit or not has become the hardest decision? Why shit makes me full of pain, broken-hearted and with too many difficulties? This problem has even disturbed my life, my work and cause awful influence on both my mental and physical status. It even tough than death!"
Do you have such tough experience before?

It is noted that constipation is widely common symptom among the males having epididymitis and makes too much troubles. So epididymitis triggers what symptoms? How to find out and heal this disease correctly?
Epididymitis is a common male disease and can be divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. Acute epididymitis is relatively rare and has an acute onset. Symptoms include testicular pain, swelling, ejaculatory discomfort, and fever. Chronic epididymitis is relatively common clinically, with typical symptoms like mild testicular discomfort, constipation and triggers include diet (spicy food, drinking, etc.) and sedentary routine, fatigue, or psychological factors.

Epididymitis can be correctly diagnosed through the examination which consisted mainly of some routine urinalysis, and also of some ultrasonography of the epididymis, where you can see some tortuosity or thickening of the epididymitis canal, which is a clue to an inflammatory exudation of the epididymis.

Meanwhile the disease can also be diagnosed through clinical symptoms like signs, urine and so on. Besides b-ultrasound and the auxiliary tests is also advisable.
Epididymitis is cured through pills, physical therapy, and surgery. Pills has anti-biotic and natural medicine, anti-biotic has bad side effect, long treatment cycle and easy to relapse. Now the approved and effective pill is the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, through clinical practices, this pill has an over 92% cure rate and with the advantages like radical cure, reliable efficacy, safety and without risk.

There are also Adjuvant therapy like physical therapy available through microwave and sitz bath treatments, but this is suggested to coordinate with the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to achieve the best effect. Surgery is not recommended as the high cost, high risk and so on.