How Long Does A Epididymitis Cure Take?

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Normally, when people get epididymitis, they will have obvious symptoms, the pain of the scrotum on the affected side causes will make the patient feel uncomfortable and intense pain will occur. Some patients will be accompanied by systemic symptoms, such as chills, high fever and so on. They need to be diagnosed positively and then receive treatment actively, especially during the acute period. 
Then how long does it take to cure the epididymitis?
Epididymitis disease generally requires a period of time for the corresponding treatment, because the disease is divided into acute and chronic types so that the treatment time of this disease can not be determined, it depends on the severity of the patient's condition, as well as the treatment effect. 
If the patient's condition is relatively mild, patients in the acute period can use antibiotics and receive standardized treatment, because the treatment effect is better at this time, generally as long as patients adhere to medication for two weeks, they can achieve a good treatment effect. In order to prevent the recurrence of disease, patients need to adhere to medication until the symptoms disappear completely after one week, so as to play a consolidated treatment effect.
Generally, acute symptoms can gradually subside after a week. Because acute inflammation is more emergent when it occurs, it needs prompt treatment. Otherwise, it is easy to develop into chronic epididymitis. Chronic epididymitis usually takes a longer time to treat. 
Patients often feel cryptic scrotal pain and swelling on the affected side. The pain often involves lower abdominal and ipsilateral groin. Sometimes it can be combined with secondary hydrocele. When patients are having examinations, there is a varying degree of the enlargement and hardness with mild tenderness, and the ipsilateral vas deferens can be enlarged.

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