Can Orchitis Bring About Kidney Deficiency?

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Orchitis is a very common disease in men, and many of them are troubled by this problem in their lives, but few men have a clear understanding of orchitis.
Orchitis most of the time is a secondary disease, which is caused by infection in other parts of the body, so the early symptoms of orchitis is hard for men to take it seriously. As a result, the best time for the treatment is often missed and the damage can be greatly increased.
Can orchitis bring about kidney deficiency?

Doctors point out that orchitis may cause kidney failure in men. The main reason is that orchitis can cause severe semen loss at an early stage, and bring about damage to a man's vital energy. Men suffering from orchitis will generally have the typical performance of kidney deficiency, so the male body is difficult to regulate itself, and males may even develop premature aging to some extent.
Kidney deficiency is a noticeable symptom in men, and orchitis is one of the causes. Men with chronic kidney deficiency should have their bodies tested as soon as possible to prevent the disease from getting worse. In addition, orchitis also causes the following problems that men should also pay attention to.
1. Induce other infectious diseases
Orchitis is also easy to induce other infectious diseases. This is because orchitis itself is a kind of inflammation. Inflammatory secretions and bacteria are easy to invade surrounding tissues and organs, so the development of orchitis to a certain extent may induce prostatitis, urethritis or nephritis.
2. Lead to decreased sexual functions
Similar to other andrology diseases, orchitis can also lead to a decline in male function and dysfunction in the early stage, such as the emergence of impotence and premature ejaculation. While orchitis is a more serious problem for men because it affects the secretion of the testis and is most likely to result in complete incapacitation of sex.

3. Increased cancer risk
In some cases, men with orchitis are also at greater risk of cancer because it is a serious disease that can be difficult to control and can cause long-term irritation. Such a long-term stimulation will lead to a large risk of malignant transformation of some tissues and organs, and in the later stage, it is usually easy to cause malignant tumors in various parts, which may threaten the lives of men.
4. Cause infertility in men
Orchitis will directly affect the function of the testis, so the quality and quantity of sperm secreted by the testis will be significantly reduced, and in severe cases, it will lead to necrospermia or azoospermia. This puts a man's fertility at risk and may spread the infection to his sexual partner during sexual intercourse.
Therefore, you are diagnosed with orchitis, it is always needed to get treated in time. Luckily, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get yourself well treated since this pill works well on solving inflammation and relieving painful symptoms, while it leads to no unwanted side effects or adverse reactions. With medical security and efficacy, the herbal pill is widely used in patients. 

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