Is Sexual Life Allowed When Epididymitis Occur?

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Sexual life should be a big problem for many patient suffer from epididymitis now. Male's diseases are a lot and common, and some men get this disease, it really annoys the male friends Whether they can lead to sexual life.
Epididymitis is a common of male disease, most of which are caused by bacteria invading epididymis, which can be divided into two types: acute type and chronic type. Acute epididymitis is fast onset, over heat, scrotal distention and pain on the affected side, groin pain, it will aggravation when the patient standing or walking.

Patient's epididymal enlargement with obvious pain of pressure. The epididymis and testicles all developed swollen, and the boundaries between them were not clearly that we called epididymitis orchitis. The patient's spermatic cord is thicker and has a pressure of pain. In general, acute symptoms can gradually disappear after a week.
Chronic disease is more common, and some patients turn to chronic because of incomplete cure in acute phase. But most patients have no definite acute stage, and chronic prostatitis or injury is secondary reason to cause this disease. The patient often feels pain in the scrotum on the affected side.
At the time of examination, epididymis often increased to varying degrees of stiffness, with slight tenderness and thickening of the vas deferens on the same side. In fact, if patients want to have sexual life, he need to be more careful. It is best to according to the general arrangement of the doctor, in order to prevent aggravation of the disease.
Is it possible to have sex life when patient have epididymitis? It is could be. When suffering from acute disease, patient don't have sex life during that time. Because the epididymis is in the inflammatory state of hyperemia and edema, sexual life will aggravate epididymal swelling and it is bad for dissolve inflammation. It must be before cured, we can start have sex life.
At the beginning of cure, the times of the sex life should not be too frequent. This disease is easy to relapse, because bacteria in the tortuous epididymal duct are not easily eliminate. If there is too much sex, the bacteria will revive again, but patient do not need stop for fear of relapse. Because the patient have not sexual life long time, sperm will accumulate in the epididymis, so that the epididymis is in state of full that also can cause congestion.

People with chronic epididymitis have little effect on sexual function. But as the epididymis is stimulated to be hard by inflammation for a long time, When the sexual life reaches a climax, the epididymis and vas deferens contract and discharge of sperm and it is appear pain, sometimes the pain will continue for a period of time. Therefore, there is a disturbance to the quality of sexual life.
Whether it is acute disease or chronic disease, you need to be more careful in your sexual life. And a timely treatment is also needed when you suffer from this disease. Usually, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get yourself cured. This is a natural formula that won’t lead to any side effects, so it is safe and effective.

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