Can Drinking More Water Cure Epididymitis?

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Speaking of epididymitis, many males are familiar with it, because epididymitis is too common among men. The incidence rate of epididymitis is high, and it is also easy to relapse afterwards, which is not good for the male health. Many aspects such as normal life and work may have a certain impact. Patients with epididymitis need timely medication. With epididymitis, patients can relieve the pain by drinking more water. 

Can Drinking More Water Cure Epididymitis?
Epididymitis cannot be cured by drinking plenty of water. It must be cured by regular examination and treatment. The patient first has to go to the urology department of the local hospital for examination, do a color Doppler ultrasound examination of the scrotum, observe the condition of the epididymis, and have a intravenous infusion of antibiotics after diagnosis.
At the same time, the patient should stay in bed, exercise less, avoid strenuous exercise, and hold up the scrotum with soft clothes, which will help reduce the swelling of the epididymis and relieve pain. The diet should be light and easy to digest. the patient can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink warm water, do not eat spicy food, do not drink alcohol. 
Epididymitis is a problem that many men will encounter. Patients must take medication in time for treatment. Drinking plenty of water will not be completely cured and may miss the best treatment opportunity. Patients can take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. For example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used by treatment. It can kill the bacteria and achieve anti-inflammation. The condition will be more serious if medications are not taken in time, and the treatment will be more difficult.
Men who have swelling and pain in the epididymis, burning sensation, dysuria, dysuria and other symptoms are likely to have epididymitis. Patients can go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis by genital B-ultrasound or routine urinary examination and then use medication.
Some men think that epididymitis is a common infectious disease, and they don’t pay enough attention to it after getting sick. They think that drinking more water can achieve the goal of self-healing. This will just increases the difficulty of treatment. Drinking more water can help toxins and inflammatory bacteria in the body to be excreted through urination. However, it cannot be used to treat epididymitis, nor can it help the death of epididymitis.

Other adjuvant therapies for epididymitis
Although it can be said that patients with epididymitis cannot heal themselves by drinking plenty of water, they can achieve the purpose of adjuvant treatment by drinking plenty of water. In addition, they can also eat more foods with heat-clearing and diuretic effects, such as green Bean sprouts, bitter gourd, loofah, celery, wax gourd, watermelon and so on. This will help the epididymitis heal faster.
Because epididymitis has a high incidence and recurrence rate, men should also pay attention to prevention measures at ordinary times, maintain a light diet, and avoid excessive tobacco and alcohol. Strengthen physical exercises to enhance physical fitness, pay attention to rest to ensure a combination of work and rest, do not stay up late or sit for a long time. As long as patients pay attention to these aspects, they can effectively prevent the onset of epididymitis.
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