Do Patients with Epididymitis Must Have an Operation?

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Patients with epididymitis do not need surgery to achieve the therapeutic effect, but they need to choose the treatment method according to their inflammation degree. There is much epididymitis that is not serious, so they only need to take medicine. Medications such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can achieve the therapeutic effect. Of course, to a more severe degree, epididymitis requires surgery.
Although the epididymis is not the principal place to produce semen, if various pathogenic bacteria or various inflammations infect it for a long time, it will further affect the daily semen quality. After getting epididymitis, not all kinds of sperm will decrease the first time. 
As the inflammation further effectively affects the epididymis and infects the surrounding tissues, it will cause other aspects of the body to be complicated by inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with inflammation effectively in time.

Epididymitis, an inflammatory disease, has a different degree of impact on each patient. In addition, its inflammatory condition is also other. Therefore, after suffering from epididymitis, the treatment method will also be selectively treated according to the disease. It means not that once having epididymitis, there must be surgery.
For epididymitis, surgery is generally not required because it belongs to the pathological symptoms of inflammation. And if patients want to eliminate inflammation effectively, they can start to use Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill. As long as rely on drug treatment, it can achieve a good effect.
Herbal medicine Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively treat epididymitis without side effects and avoid sequelae or complications caused by surgical treatment. Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill is made from herbal medicine, will not harm the body or produce resistance, which is a good choice for treating epididymitis. After the practical effect and the inflammation are slowly and effectively eliminated, the final therapeutic effect can be achieved after more exercise and conditioning through oneself.
Of course, there are individual cases of epididymitis that are more serious and have caused damage to some internal tissues. Therefore, it is necessary to use surgery to treat internal problems effectively. Thus, in the face of different disease conditions, the treatment is selected. Naturally, there will be a certain degree of flexibility in the method, which does not mean that surgery is mandatory.
Therefore, the disease of epididymitis does not mean that surgery is necessary to achieve the therapeutic effect, but the specific degree of epididymitis is different. After a comprehensive examination, it is possible to choose medical treatment or surgical treatment. The final treatment method is determined according to the condition, so it does not mean that surgery is necessary to remove the inflammation effectively.

Nursing measures for epididymitis
Clinically, epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. 
For acute epididymitis:
1. The patient is required to stay in bed, raise the scrotum, use a cloth bag or scrotal support to lift the scrotum, cold compress in the early stage of the disease, and hot compress or hot water bath in the late stage. If there is a childbirth requirement, do not use hot water for bathing.
2. Patients in the acute stage be careful during the hot compress, requiring the patients to prohibit sex and avoid physical labor. If indwelling catheterization is required, prevent the spread of inflammation in time.
For patients with chronic epididymitis, hot compresses can be used to relieve pain and reduce lumps. 
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