Three Infection Route of Epididymitis

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Epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. Its causes are pretty complicated. Other diseases may infect it, or the epididymis itself may become inflammatory and infected. Therefore, if men have this disease, they must treat it as soon as possible and eliminate it in its nascent stage. It must not be postponed to cause chronic epididymitis, quickly leading to prolonged non-healing and easy recurrence.

The infection routes of epididymitis:
1. Retrograde infection.
One way of epididymitis infection is retrograde infection. If there are some infectious diseases in the genitourinary system, the pathogenic bacteria will enter the epididymis through the vas deferens reflux and induce male epididymitis. Suppose the patient has ever had cystitis or urethritis and other diseases because they have not been treated in time. In that case, the bacteria of these diseases will retrograde along the vas deferens and enter the epididymis, causing infection and inflammation of the epididymis.
If the patient has had prostatitis before and has not been cured, and prostatitis recurs, pathogenic bacteria may also enter the epididymis and cause infection. Therefore, when men usually get inflammatory conditions of the genitourinary system, they must be actively treated to cure the primary disease. It is not easy to cause infections in other parts of the pelvis.
2. Lymphatic infection
Many men with epididymitis are infected by spreading through the lymphatic system. The other diseases that are infected with this disease usually include: circulatory infections after the bladder, prostate, seminal vesicle gland, urethra, and other parts have lesions as urethral mucosal damage can often be transmitted to the epididymis through the spermatic lymphatic route.
In areas with dense lymphatics, epididymitis can also spread through lymphatic infections. If the patient has ever suffered from prostatitis, cystitis, or urethritis, such lesions accumulate in the body. When the conditions are right, the germs will follow. The lymphatic system spreads. When the patient's urethral mucosa is damaged, the bacteria will be transferred to the epididymis along the spermatic lymphatic pathway, causing inflammation of the epididymis.
3. Bloody infection.
Bloody infection is also a standard route of infection, and this route of infection is more frequent. Experts say that epididymis is very susceptible to infection, so even the lesions far away from the epididymis can be transported by blood. Passing pathogenic microorganisms to the epididymis can also cause epididymitis. The lesions far from the epididymis can transport pathogenic organisms to the epididymis through blood transport, causing epididymitis.

Epididymitis has many infection routes and many causes, mainly related to the patients' lousy living habits. Therefore, men should clean themselves, develop a sound health consciousness, and prevent diseases at all times.
The above is the introduction to the infection route of epididymitis. Through the above explanation, the patients may have a good understanding of the infection route of epididymitis. To avoid the occurrence of the disease, men must actively do an excellent job in prevention and treatment in their lives to prevent the occurrence of the disease and harm to the body. 
If unfortunately, men got epididymitis, men should actively undergo examination and treatment. Men can choose herbal medicine for medication, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The pill is a natural herb with heat-clearing, detoxification, diuretic, and drenching effects for patients with seminal vesiculitis. It has an excellent therapeutic effect and can alleviate the discomfort of patients. Only in this way can avoid diseases cause more significant harm.
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