Who is Most at Risk for Epididymitis?

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It is a question that many people do not understand. Epididymitis is currently a relatively common male disease. Patients need to be vigilant in the presence of this disease. The danger of epididymitis is rather significant, whether in work or life.

The most obvious influence of epididymitis is on male sexual function and fertility. Patients with epididymitis often have symptoms of penile erection weakness or low libido during sex. At the same time, it can also cause male infertility. Therefore, timely professional treatment is required.
But epididymitis is not for everyone; there are prone groups. Now we will analyze the problems in which groups of epididymitis often appear:
The susceptible population of epididymitis is young adults. It is mainly caused by bacterial infection. The bacteria spread from the infected urine, prostate, posterior urethra, and seminal vesicles to the epididymis through the vas deferens. Patients with prostate surgery and indwelling catheters are also prone to epididymitis. Urine reflux into the vas deferens during urination also can lead to epididymitis. If the child has recurrent epididymitis, the possibility of the ureter opening in the seminal vesicle should be considered.
The common bacteria that cause epididymitis are Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia often causes epididymitis.
In addition to young adults, male friends of other age groups will also get epididymitis. Understanding the symptoms of epididymitis helps prevent its occurrence. Epididymitis can be divided into acute and chronic; the sign of acute epididymitis is very urgent, with scrotal swelling and pain, and radiate to the groin and next abdomen,  when the patient is standing, the feeling of pain is very strong, often accompanied with a high fever. Scrotal skin edema, redness, and abscesses can form when inflammation is heavier. 
The patient often feels pain in the scrotum on one side, radiating to the groin, with a history of irregular epididymis swelling and pain, mild enlargement and hardening of the epididymis, mild tenderness, but rarely obvious nodularity. The treatment of chronic epididymitis focuses on the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Unless the patient has multiple acute attacks or has suppurative epididymitis, epididymectomy is generally not performed.
For treating epididymitis and prostatitis, Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It effectively enters the reproductive and urinary systems and directly clears the infection.
After understanding the symptoms, men also need to know how to prevent epididymitis.
1. Don't have sex too early: If the male sex organs have not yet matured and have sex too early, it will deplete their sperm and quickly lead to different degrees of orchitis and sexual dysfunction. Adults are prone to premature ejaculation, impotence, backache, and easy aging.
2. Don't often wear jeans: Generally speaking, the male reproductive system at the low temperatures is the best. Testis in an environment of a few degrees Celsius below the temperature of the human body allows sperm to mature and develop better. So if you often wear jeans, the local temperature will be too high, making sperm unfavorable. Therefore, men should not often wear jeans, especially in summer and when the climate is wet.
3. Avoid sexual life too frequently and too densely: If you are indulgent, do not know restraint, and the reproductive organs are congested for a long time, it will cause sexual function decline, and it is easy to cause testicular inflammation, prostate disease, and sexual function problems. Only moderate sex life is good for human health.
4. Clean sex life is necessary to prevent orchitis: Many patients with orchitis are often related to dirty sexual intercourse, and they will endanger their family members after being infected. Therefore, you must keep yourself clean.
5. Pay attention to self-examination: any disease is detected early, and the cure rate is high. It is especially true for male testicular and penile lesions. When it develops into an advanced stage, the treatment effect is not so ideal. Therefore, it is recommended that men always check their reproductive health and be responsible for themselves.
6. Attention to genital hygiene and prevention of bacterial infection: females promote personal hygiene, but boys also attract significant attention, especially if the foreskin is excessively long and those with phimosis. To turn over frequently to wash the penis and remove foreskin scaling because foreskin easily irritates the glans repeatedly, triggering diseases such as balanoposthitis and orchitis, and predisposes the wife to cervical diseases.
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