The Power of Yoga: Easing Testicular Pain through Mind-Body Practices

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Many men suffering from testicular problems will blindly choose treatments because of the lack of knowledge, aggravating the condition.


In addition to the usual medications and surgical treatments, patients can take yoga to alleviate testicular pain.


Regular practice of the Bound Angle Pose helps improve blood circulation in the abdomen, pelvis, and back. The asana is good for genitourinary health, and it can maintain the health of the kidney and prostate and helps treat urinary tract infections. If practiced regularly, it will help to alleviate testicular enlargement and pain and prevent hernia. This asana can also maintain ovarian health, improve menstrual irregularities, help to open the blocked fallopian tubes, and reduce vaginal discomfort. In addition, it also relieves menstrual pain and avoids excessive menstrual flow.


In addition, yoga can improve men's general health and help relieve testicular pain.


Yoga can regulate physiology to achieve balance. Yoga emphasizes that the body is a whole system composed of several parts. Keeping each part in good condition can maintain a healthy body. Yoga adjusts the physiological functions of each organ through asanas and breath tuning to strengthen the body. Yoga can help brain waves return to a calm state and maximize the role of parasympathetic nerves in fighting various health crises.


Yoga can help promote blood circulation: yoga is good for improving blood circulation in the body and promoting the elimination of harmful substances. It can also enhance cardiorespiratory function.


From a psychological point of view, yoga can improve the psychological state of a person. The process of practicing yoga is more relaxed physically and mentally, which helps to improve anxiety, tension, and other harmful emotions. If the patient has depression or anxiety and other psychological diseases, yoga can promote the recovery of testicular pain condition by making patients calm down.


There are many causes of testicular pain, but the main reasons are testicular torsion, testicular injury, orchitis, and ischemic testicular pain.


Testicular torsion can cause testicular pain. Testicular torsion is one of the most common emergencies in the scrotum. The onset of the disease is usually preceded by strenuous activity or testicular force. The sudden occurrence of severe testicular pain during sleep or quiet is the initial symptom of this disease, and it is also one of the primary diagnostic basis. Some patients are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, scrotal swelling, and apparent tenderness.


Testicular injury can cause testicular pain. The testicles are more mobile in the scrotum and are protected by a tough tunica albuginea, so there is less chance of closed injury. Testicular injury is mainly related to violence and car accidents. After the injury, testicular pain is severe, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and even fainting or shock. Testicular swelling, unclear contour, or scrotal congestion with apparent tenderness can be found in physical examinations. The location and extent of the testicular injury can be identified through analysis.


Ischemic pain occurs in the testicles. Testicular ischemic pain is more common in older people. The pain in older people is more severe, which will be aggravated during activity and relieved during rest. However, the microscopic examination often shows a normal result. 


This is caused by Arterial stenosis due to arteriosclerosis of the testicular artery. Testicular atherosclerosis is often a local manifestation of systemic vascular disease, mostly unilateral lesions that are more common on the left than right.


Chronic prostatitis can also cause testicular pain, and the clinical manifestations are unilateral pain, mostly persistent dull aches or traction pain. Most patients are young adults, and chronic prostatitis is rarely seen in older men.

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