Can People With Epididymitis Eat Scallops?

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Epididymitis, an inflammation caused by a series of pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus, E. coli, or streptococcus, entering the vas deferens and traveling retrogradely to the testicles, is most common in young adults.


With epididymitis, patients will experience swelling and discomfort in the area of the epididymis, which can damage men's reproductive health if left untreated.

Epididymitis patients should also pay attention to some dietary taboos, and improper diet will aggravate the condition. 

So, can men with epididymitis eat scallops?

Epididymitis patients had better eat fewer scallops!

Firstly, scallops belong to seafood and have a strong fishy odor, which, for patients with epididymitis, can trigger infection spread and exacerbate inflammatory responses, hindering the condition's recovery.

Secondly, scallops are among the foods that can easily trigger allergies. For individuals allergic to scallops, consuming them can lead to various allergic reactions. Patients with epididymitis have a weak immune system, which will be more severe if they are allergic.

Lastly, many people enjoy adding copious amounts of garlic seasoning and other highly stimulating condiments to scallops. These strongly stimulating foods can cause congestion in areas such as the epididymis, worsening the symptoms of epididymitis.

In addition to eating fewer seafood foods such as scallops, people with epididymitis should be careful:

1. Avoid spicy, irritating foods. Examples include chili peppers, mustard, peppercorns, peppercorns, and fennel. These irritating foods can easily cause sympathetic excitation and induce congestion.

2. Avoid stimulating foods. Examples include pig's feet, fish soup, mutton, etc.. These stimulating foods will increase the secretion of the inflamed area, which will further infiltrate and spread the inflammation and aggravate the symptoms.

3. Eat less high-cholesterol food. Examples include animal offal, egg yolks, etc. Foods high in cholesterol can cause inflammation to spread further and aggravate the condition.

4. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol consumption can irritate the genitourinary system and cause inflammation to worsen. Alcohol consumption should be avoided not to affect the outcome of the diagnosis and treatment.

Patients with epididymitis pay attention to these dietary contraindications, which are conducive to disease control. However, after having epididymitis, the possibility of the patient's self-healing is very low, especially for those with acute epididymitis.

If the disease is not treated promptly with scientific and standardized treatment, the spread of bacteria will be faster, making patients uncomfortable. It will bring a series of pain to the patient and affect the patient's reproductive health.

For people who suffer from chronic epididymitis, a series of discomforts will occur over a long period, which will also affect the urinary system. Therefore, after having epididymitis, the patients must not be untreated.

Patients can undergo treatment under a doctor's guidance, which may involve the appropriate use of antibiotics or traditional Chinese medicine therapy. One effective method for treating epididymitis is the use of herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

This pill can yield positive results. It alleviates swelling and discomfort in the epididymis and relieves urethral irritation symptoms. And it provides certain preventive and therapeutic effects for epididymal complications like epididymal cysts and nodules. It helps patients completely overcome the impact of epididymitis.

In addition, patients with epididymitis can learn how to relieve symptoms in daily life.

1. Bed rest. Use a scrotal brace to relieve symptoms; a homemade large scrotal brace with cotton pads will be more comfortable.

2. Painkillers are for those in severe pain.

3. Localized heat therapy relieves symptoms and promotes inflammation to subside. However, early use of heat therapy can aggravate pain and promote the risk of spreading infection, so early use of ice packs for localized cold compresses.

4. Sex and physical work can aggravate the infection, which should be avoided.

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