Where are testicles located?

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The back edge of testicles is connected to epididymis; testicles grow slowly before puberty, and grow rapidly with sexual maturity at puberty, and will shrink at old age. 

Structure of the testicles 
Testicles surface is coated with a layer of tough and thick fibrous membrane called the tunica albuginea. Along the back edge of testis, tunica albuginea thickens, enters the testicles to form mediastinum testicle, then the mediastinum produces many connective tissue septula, which divides the testicles into many testicular lobules.
Testicular lobules have seminiferous tubule, the endepidermis of which can produce sperms. The connective tissues among the tubules can excrete interstitial cells, seminiferous tubules combine together to form seminiferous straight tubule, enters the mediastinum and form rete testis. 12-15 testicular output tubules come out from the rete testis, and out of the upper of testicles back edge, enter the epididymis at last.