Why Teenagers can also Have Prostatitis?

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There is no doubt that a large number of people take the point that only grown men can get prostatitis, but the truth is that the chance for boys to affect is low. But when they enter puberty, the chance is high too. Why this phenomenon can happen? When boys are younger than 10, their prostate is little and there is no glandular tube, so no glandular tube can be blocked, but when they enter puberty, their glandular tube are larger enough and can be blocked by prostatitis fluid, and this is the reason why teenagers can also have prostatitis.

Here are the four reasons that youth also can get prostatitis
1.  Holding urine
Some youth have to hold urine because they are not permitted to go to bath room timely when they have the will of urinating. Some youth also are not willing to urinate when it is cold in outside. Sometime, youth unwilling to go to bath room because they are busy in movies, TV and other activities. The above mentioned three aspects make youth affect prostatitis easily.
2. Premature in sex
Premature in sex makes youth discharge a large amount of prostate fluid when they feel exciting or stay with their girlfriend. However, those fluids cannot be let out properly, so those fluids will stay in the tube and block the tube, causing swelling and inflammation, so proper masturbation is necessary because its right for such young men have sex with girls.
3. Redundant prepuce
The redundant prepuce makes bacteria, virus and other toxic materials hard to be cleared away, because they can hide in the winkles, so balanitis, urethritis and other inflammations can be affected by teenagers easily and what's more, the bacteria from those diseases also can enter prostate and lead to prostatitis via urinary track.
4. Infection in other organs
Infection from other organs such as empyesis can spread to prostate via blood circulation when men stay in a weak health conditions.
All in all, the above mentioned four reasons are four main reasons of prostatitis. Young men should value the four aspects and try to build good living habits and take care of their prostate. if you are a unfortunate young man, you can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure your prostatitis. This pill is invented by Dr. Lee, the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic. And from the date reported by Dr. Lee, almost thousands of young men cure their prostatitis with this pill within three months.

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