Can antibiotics cure nonbacterial prostatitis?

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The causes of nonbacterial prostatitis still is unknown. As for the causes, commonly, people hold the view that it may caused by those factors which brings frequent congestion. For example, men who are married and familiar with sex are easy to affect nonbacterial prostatitis, because they cannot have sex as usual. What’s more, men who love to drink alcohol and eat spicy foods such as pepper and onion also are easy to affect nonbacterial prostatitis, because those things can stimulate prostate organ and make it congestion.

The symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis are similar with bacterial prostatitis. Except pain on scrotum, groin area, prostate and lower abdominal area, nonbacterial prostatitis patients also can experience frequent urination, urgent urination, sharp pain on urinary tract. Moreover, some patients even can have sexual dysfunction and neurasthenia. If taking digital rectal examination, the land can be felt swelling. After massage, a large number of prostate fluid can be flushed, which is watery.
Nonbacterial prostatitis is hard to cure. Commonly this disease should be cured by combination ways. First, patients have to believe that prostatitis will be get rid at the end. Second, patients have to build a healthy living style. Generally speaking, proper sexual intercourse is necessary. It is better take one time every per week. Patients also have to take exercise, avoid smoking, and excessive drinking.
It is no use to use antibiotic cure nonbacterial prostatitis. But if this type of prostatitis is caused by chlamydia infection or mycoplasma infection, please try tetracycline, erythrocin or Ofloxacin. And the curative effect is excellent.
Massage is an important treating way for nonbacterial prostatitis. Massage can release inflammation, eliminate symptoms and promote blood circulations of prostate gland. If you take the view that this treatment is complicated and hard to do, you should try herbal medicine. Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill also can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials, release pain, eliminate inflammation. What’s more, the usage of this pill is simple. Generally speaking, three months treatment with this pill is enough.