Can nonbacterial prostatitis cause dull pain in testicles?

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Nonbacterial prostatitis, no bacteria found in the prostate gland, is a common type of prostatitis. When suffering from this disease, patients would experience symptoms like spasms of the sphincter muscles of the bladder and the pelvic floor or the pressure in the urethra, and the huge pain in the prostate. Besides, some patients also experience the dull pain in testicles, and they wonder that whether nonbacterial prostatitis will cause dull pain in testicles?
The answer is that prostatitis can cause the pain in testicle. First, not only bacteria can cause prostatitis, but also some pathogens like chlamydia, mycoplasma or the gonorrhoea can cause prostatitis. So when the prostatitis is caused by Some STDs like chlamydia, patients will experience symptoms. When the STDs spread to the testicles, testicles will appear symptoms like dull pain and other symptoms.
Second, the main reason for the pain caused by the prostatitis is that the nerves are widely distributed in the prostate, and the nerves controlling the testicles, scrotum, and perineum. So when the inflammation or congestion appears, it will affect the nearby nerves, then the patients feel the dull pain in testicles
In clinic, doctors might find it harder to treat nonbacterial prostatitis because antibiotics only work on bacteria. Some doctors can prescribe medications such as terazosin, tamulosin and doxazosin; all classified as alpha-adrenergic blockers, which can help to control the symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis. Acting as the relaxants for the muscles at the prostate gland, these medications are commonly used. However, it is reported that these medications usually offer relief from the symptoms in about six weeks.
When those medications fail to treat the disease, the patients are suggested to take the traditional Chinese medicine, especially for the herbal therapy Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the pain is caused by the obstruction of Qi and blood, so the treatment should start from promoting the circulation of blood and Qi. It is just the medicine which has the efficacy of promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, clearing away the heat and toxic materials. It can effectively relieve the dull pain in testicles caused by nonbacterial prostatitis.