Be Careful of Chronic Prostatitis and Get A Suitable Treatment after Visiting A Formal Hospital

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A taxi driver who is a 38 years old man, recently he felt increased urgency and frequency when urinate and pain in his lower abdomen, he thought he might got male disease, for his thought that go to a formal hospital will make him lose face if it is a male disease which can’t be known by others, he went to a private male hospital, it cost him 1000 yuan to only get  transfusion, and he didn’t feel better. Professor Dai for male urinary in Gulou hospital in Nanjing said, if go to a private hospital and get a check, every man may have prostatitis and get expensive treatment. But actually more than 90% prostatitis don’t need to be treated with antibiotics. So what are treatments for patients with chronic prostatitis after visiting a formal hospital?

Many doctors don’t have right knowledge about prostatitis, some of them treat leukocyte in prostatic fluid as inflammation. But most of men have this symptom actually. The amount of leukocyte can’t be the only standard of the diagnosis of prostatitis. The professor said pathogenic microorganisms infection, frequent congestion of prostate can cause inflammation of prostate, also prostatitis can be caused by too tired, sitting for a long time or drinking a lot of wine, but this can be cured by increasing immunity for most men. “ Men should get formal diagnosis in big hospital” said an expert, also they should know more knowledge the disease by themselves, don’t only pursue fast treatment or no recur of the disease.

Chronic prostatitis may has slight symptoms in summer, but this doesn’t mean it is cured, so patients can’t stop using medicines. Mr Chen was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis half a year ago, and then he had been get treatment by taking medicines, but his symptoms were not better totally, he felt uncomfortable now and then. When it was summer, he felt much better and thought the disease was cured and he didn’t need treatment, so he went to the hospital and visited a doctor. After check the doctor told him his index of leukocyte and lecithin are abnormal, even though his symptoms are relieved, but it didn’t mean his chronic prostatits went away. This was led by the climate. In summer, for the weather was hot, sweat was increased, and Mr chen went to urinate less naturally. Also the hot weather relaxed the sphincter around prostate,  expanded blood vessel, increase blood circulation, relieved symptoms of the disease like edema and congestion. But if the weather becomes cold, then bad symptoms will come back.

For treatment, men with chronic prostatits can eat more pomegranate, oranges, apples, nuts, tomatoes and try to make onions with tomatoes. If these diet therapies can’t make them feel better or  their symptoms are serious, they can try medical way, like a TCM called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, It is totally safe and green like food we eat, healthy and green, for many herbs inside are used when cook food in China also. So patients can trust its safety definitely. Also after taking the TCM, patients will have no drug resistance or side effect, often they can be cured within several months if their diseases are not serious.