Psychological Disorders In Patients With Prostatitis Can Affect The Sexual Function

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The clinical manifestations in patients with prostatitis are a group of syndromes. In addition to the symptoms of urination, pelvic pain, infertility and other symptoms, the most common reason for consulting a doctor is the sexual dysfunction, manifested as low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, frequent spermatorrhea and other sexual problems, according to the doctor's opinion.
The prostate gland is an accessory gland of the testis. Physiologically, the prostate gland takes part in the formation of seminal fluid, and prostatic fluid makes up 30% of semen, which seems to be nothing to do with sexual function and renal function.
But clinically, some patients with chronic prostatitis do suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexual problems. Medical experts say that these things may be caused by psychological disorders.

In the early stage of prostatitis, for example, some patients may have painful ejaculation, ventral and perineal pain and discomfort, which makes their sexual experience unpleasant. They are afraid of the pain and fear that they may transmit the pathogen to the sexual partners. As a result, they may resist sexual life and they will have decreased sexual desire over time. When the sexual desire is affected, it will increase mental stress and depression, leading to sexual dysfunction in men.
Long-term battle against with prostatitis can also make males exhausted and depressed, which makes them less interested in other things. Therefore, the key of treatment should always be focused on the prostatitis. Getting timely and complete treatment is needed at all time. For those patients with chronic prostatitis, they are more likely to have these psychological disorders, and the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be a smart option for them, which can greatly dispel inflammation, relieve pain and discomfort, enhance their spirit and improve their urogenital health.
Besides the treatment, there are also some daily conditioning tips that male patients should always keep in mind.
1. Have a correct understanding of the prostatitis. It is totally curable through current treatments. Don't overreact while don't pay less attention to it. You should be positive and actively receive the treatment. Don't give up easily.
2. Control your sexual behaviors. Don’t be obsessive about the sexual life, and don’t avoid it for too long. Sexual behaviors are normal things in human being, and you don’t have to be ashamed about it.
3. Keep good living habits. To avoid the occurrence and relapse of prostatitis, you should drink more water, do more exercise and keep yourself clean. Don’t hold back urine or sit for too long.
4. Develop good diet. You should stay away from spicy food, alcohol and tobacco. And in daily life, fresh fruit, vegetables, and light foods with sufficient nutrients can be beneficial.

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