Prostatitis With No Treatment For A Long Time Can Cause Infertility

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Prostatitis is very common in men. In recent years, many patients with prostatitis complain that the disease will lead to infertility, which terrifies many people, especially newly married men who plan to have children.
Can prostatitis cause male infertility?

Prostatitis is usually caused by infection or other germs, and the occurrence of the disease can affect the quality of semen. Semen consists of two parts: sperm and seminal plasma.
Sperm is produced in the testes, while seminal plasma is mainly composed of fluid secreted by the seminal vesicle and prostate gland.
If there is an inflammation in the prostate gland, it will cause prostatitis. If not treated in time, it will shade into a chronic disease. In clinical practice, the chronic prostatitis is often accompanied by seminal vesiculitis. Similarly, when there is an inflammation in the seminal vesicle, it will hurt the organ and affect its function.  
Due to these inflammations, the compositions of the semen will be affected, which will affect the quality of semen and the fertility of men. When the sperm becomes poor and less, the fertilization will be affected, thus leading to male infertility.

Prostatitis and sperm
In addition, prostatitis can lead to non-liquefaction of semen. Under normal conditions, semen is jelly-like when it is ejected from the body. After about half an hour, it turns into liquid, which is a process known as liquefaction. If semen does not liquefy, it will be in a frozen state, which will lead to a decline in sperm motility, thus affecting fertility.
In serious cases, some sperm in the case of not being liquefied will fail to move forward, so there is no chance for the sperm to pass through the woman's vagina into the uterus and achieve the combination. As a result, male infertility will be inevitable.
In addition to the internal negative changes, men also suffer from a number of directly observable negative manifestations, most notably sexual dysfunction. Chronic prostatitis can cause men to have painful sexual intercourse, painful ejaculation and even blood in semen. As time goes by, men tend to need less sex, which affects fertility thereby.
So obviously, if men don't solve prostatitis in time, it will probably lead to many complications, such as seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, etc., and it can also affect the male sexual function and fertility. For many young male friends chasing their dreams, they certainly do not want to let the disease affect their life and future.Therefore, the sooner you get a suitable treatment, the better you will be.
As for the suitable treatment, it is better to use specific antibiotics if you have acute prostatitis. When it comes to the chronic prostatitis, it is more suggested that you should take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a complete cure. Generally, it won’t lead to any side effects due to its natural property, and it has broad-spectrum bactericidal action, so it can be used to treat many urogenital problems like chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and so on.

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