Five Tips For Chronic Prostatitis Care During The Treatment

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Chronic prostatitis is an incubus for many males. Having chronic prostatitis can make them suffer a lot in daily life. It is always suggested that they should get treated in time. Usually, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is a fine option, which can help male friends to get relieved from the tortures of symptoms. Adhering to the treatment, male friends can get cured eventually.
But you should know that a suitable treatment can not work well if the daily care goes wrong. So during the treatment, your living habits should be controlled well. There are 5 tips for you.
1. Drink more water
Drinking more than 2000 ml water in daily life is conductive to the prostate health. It can help you discharge adverse substance in the prostate gland. Besides, fresh fruits and vegetables should be your daily options as well. Don’t eat too much spicy food to stimulate your stomach and prostate gland, which can also aggravate prostatitis to some extent.
2. Don’t hold back urine
Once your bladder has a desire to urinate, don’t delay it for too long. Or it will hurt your bladder and cause pressure on the prostate gland, making it congestive and then aggravating prostatitis. So drinking more water and urinating in time are both important in daily life. They are also your basic requirements even if you are healthy.
3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco
Doctors point out that spicy food are not the direct reason of prostatitis, but the alcohol and tobacco can irritate prostate and urethra. When having them too often, patients may have short discomfort feeling or burning sensation when urination. What's more, it is also a cause related to blood congestion, swelling and a low resistance of prostate. Give up on smoking and drinking alcohol now.
4. Supplement zinc
You know that trace element can enhance the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect on the prostate gland. As a result, you should take more zinc-contain foods like pumpkin seed, peanut kernel and sesame, which are beneficial for the prevention of prostate diseases.
5. Do more daily sports
Movement in abdomen, thigh and hip can be used to massage the prostate gland, which can promote the blood and lymph circulation in the prostate gland. Consequently, for middle-aged and elderly people, it is suggested to do more daily sports. Jogging is suitable for middle-aged men while tai chi grows on elderly men. If needed, they can try moderate sports like table tennis and rope jumping.

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