Can Patients with Chronic Prostatitis Take Warm Sitz Bath and Compress for a Long-term?

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For patients with chronic prostatitis can choose to take a bath or warm compress. They are widespread physical treatment methods, which can promote the blood circulation of the perineum and improve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis in time.
The principle of a warm water sitz bath and warm compress is elementary. It can increase local temperature, relax muscles, dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, promote the dissipation and absorption of local inflammation and exudate, make patients feel warm and comfortable, and relieve clinical symptoms.
Warm water sitz bath and warm compress can effectively relieve local pain caused by chronic prostatitis, promote local blood circulation, and have a better auxiliary effect on the recovery of chronic prostatitis.

The method of warm water sitz bath and warm compress for chronic prostatitis:
Pour about 40° of water, pour it into the basin, nearly half a basin, and sit for 10 to 30 minutes each time. When the water temperature drops, add an appropriate amount of warm water to keep the water at an adequate temperature. Do it 1 to 2 times a day, ten days as a course of treatment. It is conducive to the discharge of inflammatory secretions.
Matters needing attention in warm water sitz bath and warm compress:
However, since warm water sitz baths may harm the testicles of patients, they should generally be banned for unmarried and unborn young men. Because the long-term warm water bath will increase the temperature of the testicles, thereby hindering the spermatogenic function of the testicles. 
In severe cases, it will also cause changes in other functions and structures of the testis. In addition, this acquired testicular damage may lead to a decrease in testosterone secretion, leading to the early appearance of partial androgen deficiency syndrome in middle-aged and older men. Therefore, attention should also be paid to the use of warm water sitz baths for patients with chronic prostatitis.
1. Temperature control: It is not necessary to immerse the testicles in warm water. Because high temperature can reduce fertility;
2. Time control: The time should be controlled at about 20 minutes, do not be too long.
3. For auxiliary function: The sitz bath is only an auxiliary function and cannot be used as a treatment method. Medication should be used to treat chronic prostatitis thoroughly. It is best to treat with medication.

Advantages of herbal medicine in treating prostatitis
Herbal medicine promotes blood circulation, removes blood stasis in the treatment of prostatitis, and improves the tissue environment. Regulate the body's vitality, improve the body's ability to resist the invasion of diseases, and improve physical fitness. 
When germs invade the human body, they will inevitably cause a certain degree of damage and damage to the body. Even if all the germs are killed with antibiotics, the patient will still feel some pain. Because the damaged part will not repair itself immediately because of the disappearance of the germs, and antibiotics cannot help the body repair.
Herbal medicines such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can regulate the meridians, clear congestion, clear heat, and detoxify. They can regulate the body and relieve pain after long-term use. It reaches the lesion directly, acts on the genitourinary system, can cure chronic prostatitis, and has a meager recurrence rate.
Matters needing attention:
What is mentioned above is the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Patients must pay more attention to their daily life. Do not sit for a long time or engage in frequent sex for a long time. It will directly affect their health.
In ordinary life, patients must pay more attention to cold and warmth, drink plenty of water, and urinate more, which can help the patient play a therapeutic role. The patient's inflammatory manifestations must be treated in daily life. Relax more, don't be too tired, pay attention to living regularly, and avoid long-term sedentary.

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