What Food to Eat? — For Chronic Prostatitis

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Anyone who knows chronic prostatitis should understand that this is a very stubborn disease. It has a significant impact on male lives, and if not treated in time, it will bring great harm. Of course, in addition to regular treatment, men must keep the rationality of diet. So what to eat for chronic prostatitis? Let's give a brief introduction.

What food to eat for chronic prostatitis:
1. Eat more fruits.
Patients can eat more fruits, such as watermelon, melon, apples, plums, grapes, tangerines, oranges and pineapples, water chestnuts, sugar cane, and other fruits that are very beneficial to the patient's prostate.
2. Diuretic staple food and vegetables.
Patients should also eat more staple foods that are diuretics, such as millet, cornmeal, sorghum rice, flour, Ormosia, mung, and other foods. They should also eat some soy products, such as tofu and soy milk, rich in soybeans. The isoflavone substance is good for the patient's body. The patient should eat more fresh vegetables, such as pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, radish, amaranth, bitter gourd, and other foods, which can diuresis and relieve urine. 
3. Foods with high protein content.
Patients should also eat more protein-rich foods, such as pork, chicken, white duck, carp, herring, whitebait and yellow croaker, bass, etc., which can well supplement the zinc required by the patient.
After getting chronic prostatitis, dietary care is critical. The above is an introduction to what to eat for chronic prostatitis. Experts remind that diet can relieve the patient's condition to a certain extent, but it is impossible to eradicate it. Only a combination of treatment and maintenance can better control the state of the patient.
In the treatment of chronic prostatitis, many patients think that antibiotic therapy must be correct. Is it true? First of all, 70% of chronic prostatitis is non-bacterial, and only a small part is caused by bacterial infection. Therefore, if the blind treatment with antibiotics is not only ineffective, it will also cause the abuse of antibiotics.
Clinically, most patients now choose medication, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills are made of more than 50 herbs, which will not produce drug resistance and side effects like antibiotics. Compared with surgical treatment, there will be no sequelae and complications of surgery.

What do patients with chronic prostatitis need to notice?
1. Establish confidence in overcoming the disease. Chronic prostatitis is not an incurable disease. Although the condition has a long course and is prone to relapse, it can be cured as long as it is detected in time and targeted treatment programs.
2. In daily life, develop good habits, prevent excessive fatigue, prevent colds. Do not ride bicycles, do not sit in damp places; light diet, alcohol, and spicy stimulants, so as not to cause prostate congestion. Avoid frequent intercourse, neither don't abstain from sex too frequently.
3. Pay attention to self-care, strengthen physical exercise, prevent colds, actively treat infections in other parts of the body, and improve the body's disease resistance.
4. Do proper exercise. It is not advisable to ride horses, ride bicycles and sit for a long time. Office workers should stand up and move every 1-2 hours to relieve prostate congestion.
Patients with chronic prostatitis should not be afraid of their condition. They should face chronic prostatitis with a good attitude because they have an excellent mood to treat chronic prostatitis more smoothly.
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