Is Chronic Prostatitis Easy to Relapse? Don't Be Afraid, Here are 5 Ways to Avoid It!

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Chronic prostatitis is a disease that makes men feel quite a pain. The main reason is that the course of this disease is quite long, and the condition is easy to recur, which will bring considerable discomfort to the patient's body and mind. The reason why chronic prostatitis recurs is mainly related to the usual unhealthy lifestyle and incorrect nursing.

So how to prevent the recurrence of chronic prostatitis?
1. TCM conditioning
The recurrence of chronic prostatitis is likely to be related to incomplete treatment. Although it seems that the symptoms of prostatitis have disappeared under certain circumstances, it is not entirely cured. 
Because the treatment of chronic prostatitis requires a lengthy treatment process, after using some hormone drugs for treatment, although it seems that the disease has been controlled, it often only sees some surface. Still, it does not completely cure the disease.
Therefore, when the condition is under control, some TCM herbal medicine can be appropriately used for conditioning, which can promote the recovery of the disease and play a role in consolidating treatment to avoid the recurrence of the condition as much as possible. 
Patients can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat and control the infection. After a successful cure, the recurrence rate is low. Patients can slowly recover their body functions and adjust their vitality.
2. Diet adjustment
Patients should drink plenty of water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. They must develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water. If they drink plenty of water, they can urinate more. The urine can remove toxins and some garbage in the body. 
The discharge of substances is conducive to the maintenance of the prostate and can prevent the recurrence of the disease. Patients can drink more mung bean porridge, seaweed soup, and millet porridge, etc. They should avoid eating spicy and savory food, do not smoke or drink, and do not drink carbonated drinks frequently.

3. Life adjustment
Patients should try their best to maintain a regular life, pay notice to the combination of work and rest, not to be too tired, not to be able to engage in heavy physical activity, or insist on high-intensity exercise. At the same time, be careful not to develop the bad habit of holding back urine. Do not sit for a long time in regular times, and do not often ride a bicycle and drive for a long time.
4. Keep clean and hygiene
Always try to keep the body clean and dry, wash body in time after exercise, and before and after sex. During the treatment period, the frequency of sexual life and masturbation should be controlled, and masturbation should be avoided as much as possible.
5. Psychological adjustment
Because chronic prostatitis is prone to recurring attacks, it has a lot to do with the usual lousy psychology. It is often pessimistic, depression, anxiety, depression, and other destructive negative emotions, leading to endocrine disorders and affecting immune function. , When the immunity is relatively low, it will also lead to the recurrence of chronic prostatitis.
The recurrence of chronic prostatitis has a lot to do with some bad habits in daily life. So patients must get rid of these bad habits, quit smoking and alcohol medicine, avoid eating high-fat and high-calorie foods, and drink plenty of water. Eat more foods that can maintain the function of the prostate. Patients can eat more tomatoes, drink more green tea, and drink less coffee.

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