Why Managing Stress is Important with Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is an infection caused by bacteria invading the urinary tract. Repeated episodes of chronic prostatitis will increase the mental and psychological burden, increasing individual mental stress. Excessive mental stress will mainly impact the recovery of prostatitis treatment.
Excessive stress is not a direct cause of prostatitis. However, extreme mental stress will lead to the decline of the individual's autoimmunity and affect the normal regulation of endocrine metabolism, which is an indirect cause of prostatitis.

Some survey results show that the negative emotions of patients with the prostate disease are significantly higher than those of healthy people. They tend to be depressed, suspicious, pessimistic, and anxious. The lingering symptoms created pessimism that further exacerbated the condition.
Emotions and stress worsen prostatitis symptoms, and prostatitis can also counteract and make anxiety worse. They are complementary relationships.
The main reason is that patients should have a correct understanding of prostatitis so as not to be afraid, not to worry, and to relieve pressure. Do not cause excessive worry and anxiety due to a lack of understanding. In some patients, the symptoms caused by insomnia, anxiety, extreme fear, and depression in outpatient clinics have far exceeded the physical harm caused by prostatitis, which is unnecessary.
Excellent psychological quality is an integral part of the treatment of prostatitis. Therefore, patients must learn to self-regulate and relieve negative emotions such as tension, anxiety, and depression through various means. 
Patients should consciously cultivate their interests in various aspects, such as learning meditation, practicing yoga, listening to soothing music, participating in physical exercise, participating in interest classes, climbing, playing ball, watching movies, playing chess, swimming, etc. Diverse interests, on the one hand, can adjust the mood in time and help to relax. On the other hand, it can effectively divert attention and help eliminate tension and anxiety.
While the combination of essential drugs is used to treat prostatitis, it is necessary to pay attention to relieve mental stress and maintain a happy mood. If some patients cannot regulate their pressure well, they can assist with Chinese medicine decoction to soothe the nerves. To achieve the conditioning effect of the individual, men can take some herbal therapies according to the individual situation after taking the pulse and observing the dialectics of the tongue coating.
If the patient's emotional stress is too high and causes anxiety, he should go to the mental health clinic for anti-anxiety examinations to treat anxiety symptoms. After remission, prostatitis will naturally ease and subside, so there is no need to worry too much.
Patients self-relieve work and mental pressure, maintain a happy mood, regular work and rest time, adhere to 6,000 steps of exercise per day, and try to diversify the structure of ingredients. It is beneficial to relieve stress, and can also improve the individual's immunity, thereby reducing the incidence of prostatitis.
Of course, managing stress is only an essential part of treating prostatitis. The treatment of prostatitis should be comprehensive, the primary purpose of which is to relieve pain, improve urination symptoms and improve quality of life.

In addition, the treatment of prostatitis should also pay attention to general treatment and drug treatment. General treatment includes:
Avoiding tobacco and alcohol, spicy and irritating food, and long-time sitting.
Holding back urine.
Keeping warm.
Strengthening physical exercise.
Sitz bathing in warm water.
Regular sexual life.
These methods can effectively relieve the symptoms of prostatitis.
Drug therapy includes antibiotics, alpha-blockers, etc. For patients with chronic prostatitis, you can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can effectively sterilize the prostate, reduce inflammation, and cure chronic prostatitis.
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