Necrozoospermia: Etiologic Symptoms & Therapeutic Management

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Necrozoospermia (Dead sperm disease) refers to the test results in multiple semen examination where sperm are found dead. Normally, more than 70% of the viable sperm excreted in the body are alive within 1 hour. It is found that Vitamin A deficiency has a great impact on sperm motility. 
What is the clinical manifestation of Necrozoospermia? 
The clinical manifestation of dead sperm disease is very complicated and varied. Some patients may have a history of chronic prostatitis, orchitis, or seminal vesiculitis, etc. Other patients can either have premature ejaculation or low libido. Its diagnosis is also based on semen analysis. In general, if the number of inactive sperm in a semen analysis is more than 40%, it is called too much dead sperm. If more than 20% of abnormal sperm is found however, it is called teratospermia. In semen routine or prostatic fluid routine check, pus cells are often present at the same time. 
Under normal circumstances, for semen out of the body within 1 hour, if dead sperm is more than 40% then it could affect the pregnancy. Sperm survival time should be kept more than 6 hours, while survival rate should be more than 20%. If there is no viable sperm alive after 6 hours, then it will causes male infertility. Sperm activity is directly related to the content of fructose in seminal vesicle. 
In addition, the lack of vitamin A or E also has a great impact on sperm activity. It is inevitable for the existence of a certain number of abnormal sperm, and it is generally believed that less than 10% is within normal range, while if the rate exceeds 10% and reaches up to 20% , it is predicted to cause male infertility, because in this case, the condition is often accompanied by poor liquefaction, low motility and other semen quality problems. 
The main cause of dead sperm is inflammation of the accessory glands and vas deferens. Because infection consumes a lot of essential nutrients or trace element zinc that sperm depend on to survive, or semen pH changes, as well as the appearance of anti-sperm antibodies and other factors, which destroys the environment of sperm survival and causes sperm death. 
Therefore, for the treatment of Necrozoospermia, one need to first get the diagnosis of it, which is the key for the medication plan. In this regard, male patients can be cured by oral administration of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a natural medicine. The formula uses safflower, peach kernel, honeysuckle, houttuynia, buckwheat, and other herbs to activate blood circulation, relieve pain, detoxification, sedation and perform anti-inflammatory effect, so as to help patients recover the health of male reproductive and urinary system. The over 50 herbal ingredients improve immunity and disease resistance at the same time as well.