Small Knowledge About Sperm Color And Its Motility

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The normal appearance of sperm color is uniform milky white, appearing semi-fluid liquid. If the semen is found to be clear and transparent, it indicates azoospermia or oligospermia. If the appearance of semen is found to be pure white, it may be due to high sperm concentration or white blood cells in the semen.
During ejaculation, if it is found that the semen is yellowish and smells purulent odor, indicating possible infection of sperm. That semen is bright red or reddish brown indicates the presence of red blood cells, known as hematospermia, and is commonly seen in seminal vesiculitis. Men who have not ejaculated for a long time emit the yellowish sperm while it is dark yellow in the elderly.

If the seminal fluid is accompanied by blood, appearing brownish red, which is more found in seminal vesiculitis, seminal vesicle tumor, prostatitis and so on. In these cases, it can be treated with the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is able to eliminate inflammation, relieve pain and improve the urinary health in males.
Specifically, sperm motility can be rated on several levels: A, B, and C.
Level A: Sperm features great motility and can move in a straight line.
Level B: It represents the sperm motility is general, which can only move forward deviously.
Level C: It represents a poor sperm motility and the sperm can only go around in circles.
If the sperm has trouble in crossing a woman's cervix and uterine cavity, and is unable to reach the fallopian tube and join with the egg, the pregnancy rate will be reduced. In other words, when the sperm motility is low, the pregnancy is less likely to occur.
Accordingly, if the male can not make his wife pregnant without contraceptives after marriage, which lasts more than a year, he should check the sperm quality and figure out the cause.
In addition to treating the sperm problems via medicine, what other ways can you try in daily life?
1. Diet
According to the theory of kidney storing sperm, you should take in more foods that can tonify the kidney, such as Chinese yam, eel, ginkgo, sea cucumber, frozen bean curd, bean curd skin, peanut, walnut, sesame and so on. Appropriate consumption of these foods is beneficial to improving sperm motility.
2. Don't wear too tight pants
Too tight pants and underpants can make the scrotum and testicle fettered, and can lead to moist and poorly permeable environment, thus leading to bacterial growth and affecting reproductive health.
3. Notice the bath water temperature
The optimum temperature for a man's testicles to produce sperm is around 36℃. If it is much higher than that, sperm production will be inhibited and the motility of the sperm already produced will be weakened.
4. Don't drink alcohol
Alcohol can slow down the synthesis of testosterone, and affect its normal metabolism, resulting in low gonad efficacy, thus affecting sperm production and sperm quality.

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