Pain In The Perineum, Watch Out Seminal Vesiculitis

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Seminal vesiculitis is caused by infection bacteria or parasites, which can be classified into acute and chronic types. The seminal vesicle gland is close to the prostate gland, so seminal vesiculitis is often accompanied by prostatitis or posterior urethritis, which is a common male disease.
Seminal vesiculitis can cause heavy swelling and pain in the perineum, and intermittent short throbs. When the pain becomes severe, it can radiate to the waist, scrotum, penis, thigh, etc. So if you have pain in the perineum for a long period of time, watch out seminal vesiculitis.

Besides, the most common symptom of seminal vesiculitis is hemospermia, known as blood semen. When the patient ejaculates, his semen is dark red, sticky and occasionally interspersed with blood clots. He may have fatigue and discomfort after sexual intercourse, accompanied by urinary tract stimulation. It takes a few days to recover, and these problems may break out back and forth.
Also commonly, patients with seminal vesiculitis will have frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination. These symptoms are very close to each other and can easily interfere with each other.
Some patients with chronic seminal vesicle may also have sexual dysfunction, manifested as decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, ejaculation pain, and so on.
Long-term chronic seminal vesiculitis may cause seminal vesicle gland atrophy. Therefore, a timely treatment for this disease is really necessary. The good news is that you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is coupled with over fifty herbal ingredients.
Sometimes, it is analogous to the antibiotics while it is more effective and safer as it won't lead to any side effects. So it won't let your rehabilitation come to grief. The pill comes in for a lot of attention now, so you can take it for your recovery plan if you are bothered by urogenital problems.

During the treatment, patients know better than to do some things that will hurt their body such as bad habits. The following suggestions are not beyond your comprehension, so you can adopt them in daily life.
1. Avoid excessive sexual behaviors, do not masturbate frequently, and pay attention to sexual physiology health.
2. Develop good living habits, prevent excessive fatigue and colds, and do effective physical exercise.
3. Adjust your daily diet, avoid tobacco and wine, and do not eat spicy and stimulating food.
4. Drink more water and don't hold urine, to keep the urinary tract unblocked, which is conducive to the discharge of prostate secretions.
5. Have a sitz bath at night, to improve the blood transport of the prostate gland, to prevent inflammations such as scrotitis and prostatitis.
Keep up all these good habits in daily life and keep on the treatment, you will get better soon.

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