Is it Helpful for Patients with Seminal Vesiculitis to Massage Their Genitals Regularly?

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Seminal vesiculitis is a harmful male disease. The incidence rate has been rising in recent years. However, once men develop seminal vesiculitis, their physical and mental health will be greatly affected. Therefore, patients need to be treated promptly. At the same time, patients also need to do a good nursing job to make the body recover faster. Some patients have heard that regular genital massage can help them recover.


Is it helpful for patients with seminal vesiculitis to massage their genitals regularly?

Patients with seminal vesiculitis can have a regular prostate massage, promoting blood circulation and facilitating the excretion of inflammatory secretions. However, the movements should be gentle, and the techniques should not be too heavy. Patients who have given birth to children can sit and bathe with 45℃ hot water 1 to 2 times a day for 30 minutes before bedtime. Patients who have not given birth should not use this method to avoid affecting fertility. Therefore, it is helpful for patients with vesiculitis to massage their genitals regularly.

Common massage methods include the following 4 types.


First, massage the Yin Ling Spring Cave. The main position is on the inside of the calf, or massaging this acupuncture point 20 to 30 times a day during the onset of the disease, which can relieve adverse effects such as urinary tract infections caused by scrotal inflammation.


Second, massage Sanyinjiao pussies. When patients develop seminal vesiculitis, if they experience adverse reactions such as lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, impotence, and premature ejaculation, they can massage the three cavities. This acupuncture point is on the inside of the calf, above the ankle.


Third, massage the Qi Sea Cave. The main function of qi cavities is to relieve pain and poor bowel movements. Patients must find the correct acupuncture point during the massage. This position is about 1.5 inches below the navel eye.


Fourth, massage the cavities of the veins. It is also known as an intermediate hole. This acupuncture point is 4 inches below the navel. This acupuncture point can not only treat adverse effects such as lower abdominal pain caused by seminal vesiculitis, impotence, and premature ejaculation but also relieve nephritis and cystitis.


Massages can relieve symptoms of seminal vesiculitis. But for a complete cure, patients need medication. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can relieve patients' symptoms, eliminate the cause, and ultimately cure the disease.

At the same time, patients should pay attention to some care methods:

Preventing infection: During the recovery period, patients with seminal vesiculitis should pay particular attention to avoiding infections, preventing upper respiratory infections such as colds, treating dental caries and diarrhea promptly, actively treating infections in other parts of the body, and improving the body's resistance to disease.

Appropriate exercise: Patients with seminal vesiculitis should exercise more during recovery to strengthen their physical fitness. They can run for 30 minutes daily to relieve stress and improve resistance. Patients with seminal vesiculitis should not ride or sit for a long time. Office workers should stand up and move every 1 to 2 hours.

Eat a regular diet: Patients with seminal vesiculitis should eat a light diet during recovery. Do not drink alcohol or eat spicy and irritating foods to avoid causing prostate congestion; drinking plenty of plain water can promote the excretion of toxins from the body, and try not to drink drinks such as coffee or cola. Pay attention to rationalizing the diet. Patients can eat more beans, tahini, shrimp, fish, etc. Since the human body's need for copper is relatively low, there is generally no need to take pharmaceutical preparations to supplement it. You can selectively eat foods that contain a lot of copper to meet the body's needs.

Appropriate abstinence: People with seminal vesiculitis should avoid excessive sexual intercourse to reduce sexual organ congestion. Abstain from masturbation, controlling sex life no more than once a week, and interrupting sexual intercourse are contraindicated.

After reading the content above, everyone should be very clear about seminal vesiculitis care. Patients must learn more about seminal vesiculitis treatment to understand the extent of their condition and how to take care of them.

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