Can You Take Warm Sitz Baths If You Have Seminal Vesiculitis?

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Seminal vesiculitis is one of the common diseases in men. It is mostly caused by various inflammations caused by Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, and Escherichia coli infections. The warm sitz baths have a certain effect on promoting the dissipation and absorption of local inflammatory exudates. 


So, can patients with seminal vesiculitis take warm sitz baths method?

First of all, seminal vesiculitis can be treated by this measure. On the one hand, warm sitz baths can make the patient's scrotum local temperature rise to accelerate blood circulation to promote the absorption and dissipation of seminal vesicle inflammatory substances; on the other hand, the patient will feel warm and comfortable, physical and mental relaxation, at this time, some clinical symptoms, especially perineal discomfort symptoms will be relieved.

However, hot sitz baths are not suitable for all patients with seminal vesiculitis. As prolonged high temperatures may have adverse effects on the patient's testicles, it is generally not recommended for unmarried or infertile young men. This is because prolonged sitz baths can lead to an increase in testicular temperature, which can impede the spermatogenic function of the testes and, in severe cases, cause other functional and structural changes in the testes. 

In addition, this acquired testicular injury may lead to a decrease in testosterone secretion, potentially leading to the early onset of partial androgen deficiency syndrome in middle-aged and older men. Therefore, patients should use caution, and it is best to consult a physician before use.

Secondly, to achieve the best results, there are some things about sitz baths that patients need to pay attention to. The specific method is to pour about 42 degrees of warm water into the basin and then sit directly in the bay for 15-30 minutes each time, and you can take two sitz baths at a time. 

Attention should be paid to the sitz bath:

1. Before the sitz bath, the patient should empty the bowels.

2. No medication should be added to the water, only warm water.

3. When the water temperature drops, hot water can be added to maintain the water temperature.

4. Always use your own special tub to avoid cross-infection.

The most important point is that although warm sitz baths help treat seminal vesiculitis, they are only an adjunct to treatment and do not completely cure the condition. The exact degree of effectiveness should also be combined with the condition.

To better improve the symptoms of painful ejaculation and promote the recovery of inflammation, appropriate medication is also needed. Its treatment is mainly based on anti-infection treatment, which can be carried out by oral or intravenous input of anti-infection drugs. In this process, hot compresses on the epididymis are conducive to better absorption of local inflammation, thus helping the patient to recover better.

Hot compresses are similar to warm sitz baths, which can also raise the local temperature and accelerate local blood circulation. You should soak a towel in hot water, then wring it out, put it on the perineum, and apply hot compresses for 15-30 minutes. 

When applying a hot compress, note: Hot towels should not be too hot; too high may kill sperm; when the towel temperature drops, you can change the towel for a suitable temperature to use; keep personal hygiene; the hot compresses towels should be separated from others, can not be mixed, to avoid causing cross-infection.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is also a good choice; for example, patients can also take oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and detoxification effects and can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses that cause male urogenital diseases, to eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, improve the patient's immunity as well as the purpose of curing the disease.

In conclusion, warm sitz baths help treat seminal vesiculitis, but it is also important to decide whether or not to take this measure based on the patient's own situation. In addition, sitz baths or hot compresses are not enough to truly restore health; patients also need to carry out active medication and lifestyle adjustments. For example, stop sexual arrangements during treatment, relieve anxiety and tension, and quit smoking and drinking.

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