Why Do Women Get Cystitis Insensibly?

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Many women think only men can have cystitis, but it's actually a common urogenital disease in both men and women. Sometimes, women may feel pain and burning when urinating, and they have to urinate frequently. After diagnosed, the female may be surprised at the inflammation she has in her bladder.  
Some women may get cystitis insensibly. They may not realize it until they get a check-up in the hospital. In general, cystitis is mainly caused by bacteria infection. If a woman pays less attention to her personal hygiene, she is more likely to get invaded by bacteria, thus getting hurt by cystitis. 
Woman's personal hygiene care is more complex than that of man, which is especially important during menstruation. Some overlooked details related to female personal hygiene will cause bacterial infection to some extent. They should change their underwear every day, and frequently wash their clothes. They need to replace the old underwear every three months. Don't wear too tight clothes, which are airtight and will create a humid environment for microorganism breeding. Otherwise, they will be easily at high risk of getting cystitis insensibly.
There is another case that may cause cystitis in women, which is gynecological disease. Some inconspicuous gynecological diseases can lurk inside the woman' body, and lead to bacteria proliferation, thus unknowingly induce cystitis. Therefore, a regular check-up is necessary for female friends. 
In men and women, bad living habits are the main causes of cystitis. A full bladder, lack or exercise and addiction to alcohol and cigarette are common in daily life. Especially for women during menstrual period, with these bad habits, they may get hurt more seriously than men. 
If a female patient has cystitis, she must get treated in time. Usually, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to help women solve the problem. Both men and women can improve their urogenital system through long-term medication of this pill. 
Besides, as we all know, women are prone to being sentimental and sensitive to things around them, so they should keep a positive mindset to reduce excessive emotional tension. Being too worried about cystitis may unknowingly aggravate their condition. Their family should also be in part of their treatment, and encourage them to actively stick to the medication.
Warm tips for female friends:
1. Do not hold back urine too often, which may give bacteria a chance to reproduce, thus inducing cystitis.
2. Drinking more water every day will help reduce the chance of bacterial infection.
3. Pay attention to sexual health, and do not have sex during the attack of cystitis, which may affect both men and women.
4. Do not apply oil skin care products on your private part, and avoid using lotions that contain essence.
5. Replace sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation.
6. Wear cotton underpants, which is helpful for air circulation and can prevent the growth of bacteria.

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