Is Cystitis Prone to Recurrence? How to Reduce the Frequency of Episodes?

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Cystitis is an inflammation that occurs in the bladder. It is categorized as acute and chronic cystitis and is mainly caused by specific or non-specific bacterial infections. Some patients suffering from cystitis may feel that they can never stabilize the disease after a long period of treatment, which makes them deeply puzzled. Cystitis is a disease that can be treated and cured.


The main reason cystitis is always poorly treated is that it tends to recur.

Cystitis is mostly caused by infections of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, derived Escherichia coli, Proteus, etc. For the treatment of this disease, since it is a bacterial infection, the current Western medical therapy mainly uses antibiotics for antibacterial treatment. However, the irrational use of antibiotics is also a key reason for uncured cystitis.

Antibiotics can easily make the disease-causing bacteria drug-resistant. If antibiotics are used indiscriminately without undergoing antimicrobial susceptibility testing, it is highly likely to result in antibiotic treatment being ineffective. Without targeted medication, it will not yield any significant effects.

Furthermore, even though a relatively sensitive antibiotic is selected based on the drug sensitivity test analysis, it can only be used to treat acute attacks of cystitis. If it is chronic cystitis, the treatment time will be too long, making it easy to develop side effects.

Another reason why cystitis can't be cured because many patients stop taking medication when their symptoms improve just a little and incomplete treatment can lead to recurrence.

Whether cystitis can be cured mainly depends on the treatment methods chosen by the patient. If the method is correct, it is possible to cure the disease, and the cure rate is high. 

Traditional Chinese medicine uses natural materials, and using it reasonably will not make the patients worry about drug resistance, so it can avoid the recurrence of cystitis that Western medicine treatment cannot. If Western medicine is ineffective, patients can also choose Chinese medicine without side effects, such as the complete traditional Chinese medicine prescription Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, for cystitis, which has excellent therapeutic effects.

How can patients reduce the frequency of cystitis?

1. Drink more water

Patients who suffer from cystitis should not drink less or no water just because they need to go to the washroom less often. In daily life, they should drink more water. Drinking plenty of water can promote the excretion of urine, which has a detoxifying effect. It helps eliminate some inflammatory substances as they are metabolized and expelled with urine, clearing certain bacteria in the bladder.

2. Notice their diet

Patients will have symptoms of urination difficulty, often manifested as frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary pain, and other urinary tract syndromes. So they should consume more diuretic foods that can relieve urinary tract syndromes, such as watermelon, grapes, pineapple, celery, corn, and green beans. 

Various fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, so cystitis patients should supplement the right amount of fruits between meals every day and match different vegetables in their daily meals. 

Eggs and lean pork are rich in protein, and regular consumption can increase the body's immunity, thus relieving the inflammation of the bladder. 

In addition, patients should eat less spicy or stimulating food and avoid smoking and alcohol. Caffeine can lead to bladder contraction and make the bladder produce spasmodic pain, so patients should drink less coffee or caffeinated drinks.

3. Maintain good living habits

Cystitis patients should rest more and ensure sufficient sleep. Avoid overworking and frequent late nights so as not to cause further aggravation of the condition. Patients should not sit for a long time. They should often move their muscles and bones and maintain personal hygiene, such as changing underwear and taking regular showers. Do not hold urine, and do not wear too tight.

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