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Does Masturbation Really Cause Prostatitis?

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While men enjoy masturbation for their physical pleasure, they also worry that masturbation can cause some damage to their health. Many people with chronic prostatitis suspect that their disease is linked to masturbation, and that masturbation is a major “culprit” in chronic prostatitis. Therefore, many patients adopt a strict control of masturbation, but it was followed by frequent spermatorrhea.
Then can masturbation trully lead to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis? This should be treated differently.
First of all, let's get to know the important organ - the prostate.
The blood circulation of the prostate is characterized by a rich supply of arterial blood and high resistance of venous blood reflux. If there are some long-term factors that make prostate congests repeatedly, it will aggravate the venous reflux disorder and blood stasis, causing decreased local immune resistance and  long-time stay of bacteria, which may increase the opportunity to get infected. 
We consider masturbation to be one of the normal sexual behaviors in humans, especially among men. But masturbation needs to be “moderate”. The prostate and seminal vesicles are highly congested in each sexual excitement. It can gradually return to normal after ejaculation. It is not conducive to the elimination of prostate inflammation if prostatitis patients don't have sex or masturbation for a long time. Proper masturbation can help the recovery of prostatitis. The prostatic fluid in semen accounts for about 1/3. In the process of spermiation, some of the inflammatory secretions in the glands are also excreted, which is beneficial for the dredging of prostate duct and the metabolism of glandular fluid. Therefore, the normal masturbation has some positive significance. 
However, frequent masturbation is one of the causes of hyperemia in the prostate. A small number of patients are suffering from chronic hyperemia and congestion due to long-term excessive masturbation. The normal secretion and excretion function of prostate is seriously affected, which may become the cause of prostatitis.
But it is important to realize that even long-term masturbation may not always lead to chronic prostatitis. There are obvious individual differences in the demarcation of masturbation and the disease resistance. And most men don't masturbate as often as they think they do.
So if men control the frequency of masturbation, they will not have prostatitis because of masturbation. And moderate masturbation can also help remove prostate fluid and alleviate prostatic congestion, which has certain positive significance to protect or restore prostate function.
Besides that, patients should also try to give up smoking and drinking, avoid eating spicy food, and do more exercise to enhance immunity etc. In addition, There are other medicines you can try to treat prostatitis. An herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended as it may help you get a full recovery.