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Drinking Tea is Good for Prostatitis Patients

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We all know that prostatitis patients shouldn’t drink alcohol or have spicy food. That is because spicy food, such as shallots, raw garlic, chili, pepper, and other stimulating foods, can cause blood vessel dilation and organ congestion. So, for some people who love to drink tea, is there any effect on prostatitis?
In fact, prostatitis patients can drink tea, but it is unfavorable to drink strong tea. Tea contains caffeine, tannic acid, catechins and other ingredients. Caffeine stimulates and excites the brain's nerves and promotes urination. In addition, the simplest and most practical way to prevent prostatitis is to drink more water and urinate more. So moderate tea drinking is good for prostatitis.
However, drinking tea is still needed to be treated differently for prostatitis patients. Generally speaking, patients with prostatic hypertrophy and habitual constipation should drink black tea to tonify deficiency and relax the bowels; and those heavy patients with enlarged prostate can often drink oolong tea and pu 'er tea to lose weight and reduce blood fat; prostatic hypertrophy patients in the remission period can often drink scented tea, such as rose tea, jasmine tea etc., in order to remove stasis and promote diuresis. Patients should drink green tea or black tea to prevent and cure cancer, especially those with prostate cancer. They should drink tea to resist radiation damage and prevent leukopenia after radiation therapy.
At the same time, prostate patients can often drink tea to prevent and treat diseases. Components in tea like tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine, etc. can be used to treat the disease. Caffeine can stimulate the kidneys, prompt the excretion of urine rapidly, improve the filtering effect of kidney, and reduce the time of detention of harmful substances in the kidneys. Caffeine can also exclude excessive lactic acid in urine, and help to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible. Tea polyphenols have obvious inhibitory effect on pathogenic bacteria and virus, which is anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal.
Therefore, moderate drinking of mild tea does not have a bad effect on prostatitis. Instead, it can act as a natural cure for this disease.
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