Can Masturbation Cause Prostatitis? Learn The Right Approach To Protect Your Prostate Gland

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Masturbation is considered as shameful thing by many people, which is in line with traditional beliefs. In fact, masturbating properly and effectively is a good way to release instinctive sexual desire. Many people can get pleasure and release stress through masturbating.
Is uncomfortable urination after masturbation the symptom of prostatitis?

Many people think that urination discomfort is just the uncomfortable feeling of urination, which actually include frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary pain, urinary bifurcation and difficult urination. Men have certainly experienced the discomfort of urinating after masturbation, with a little tingling in the more severe cases, which is often associated with urinating immediately after masturbation.
Your genital is in congestion after masturbation. The same is true of the prostate gland. If you urinate immediately after masturbation, urination resistance will be high and discomfort may occur. You need to rest for a while before urinating.
The relationship between masturbation and prostate gland.

Frequent masturbation over a long period of time can lead to chronic prostatitis, according to the doctor's statement. The correct and moderate frequency of masturbation has no effect on body health, while it can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. This is because the proper discharge of sperm can promote the metabolism of reproductive organs.
Excessive masturbation is likely to cause genitourinary diseases, in addition to urination discomfort, also including urethritis, balanitis, cystitis, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and other inflammations. In these cases, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be of great help for male friends to dispel inflammations with obvious effects. It has no drug resistance or side effects.   
How to balance your body health and sexual impulse?
1. Masturbating once a week is generally fine, and occasionally you can do it no more than twice a week.
2. You can not hold your genital too hard, to avoid the damage to the albuginea of cavernous body of urethra, blood vessels and mucosa tissues.
3. You don't need to masturbate too fast, otherwise there is a risk of premature ejaculation.
4. You can't resist ejaculation too often, or the prostate congestion may cause prostatitis to some extent.
5. After the sexual behavior, you should clean yourself to avoid bacteria infection.
For male friends, especially young men with poor self-control, they should develop a right attitude towards the masturbation and their natural sexual impulse. Don’t be shy about it and don’t indulge in it. Always remember, masturbation is a normal way to relieve yourself while you should pay attention to the frequency and related details. With the right approach of masturbation, you can further reduce the risk of prostate diseases, including prostatitis.
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