The patient with chronic bacterial prostatitis and oligospermia has been cured within 4 months

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Name: Mr. Feng

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Diagnosis: chronic bacterial prostatitis, oligospermia
Medical history: Mr. Feng has been married for 3 years; however, without taking contraception, his wife still didn't get pregnant. He always has the symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency. He was diagnosed with oligospermia in local hospital. And he has suffered from chronic bacterial prostatitis for 2 years. So he found Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic. 
Accessory examination: 
Semen analysis: sperm concentration 6*10~6/ ml
Western medicine diagnosis: 1. Oligospermia 2.Chronic bacterial prostatitis
TCM diagnosis: 1. Infertility 2. Turbid semen
Consulting time: May, 2008
Treating course: Four-month treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
July, 2008
After two months’ treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, the symptoms of frequency and odynuria had obvious improvements, other symptoms were relieved as well, according to Mr. Feng. As the herbal medicine has good curative effect, he continued to take another month treatment. Dr. Lee asked Mr. Feng to countercheck EPSRT and semen analysis.
August, 2008
After continuing taking another month treatment, Mr. Feng had no obvious frequency and urgency. After checkup in local hospital, the ERSPT became normal; his chronic bacterial prostatitis was cured in three months! And the sperm concentration was 16*10~7 which was below normal parameter. So he decided to continue taking one more month pill.
September, 2008
After finishing one-month treatment, he counterchecked semen analysis in local hospital, just finding the sperm concentration was 22*10~7. This parameter was normal, his oligospermia was fundamentally cured. And he could prepare for impregnating a fertile woman. After several months, he called Dr. Lee to tell her that his wife got pregnancy.