Patients with glandular cystitis for three years has been cured

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Name: Ms. Ni

Gender: Female 
Age: 35 years old 
Symptoms: recurrent urinary frequency and hematuresis for 3 years
Test: Cystoscopy
Medical history: Three years ago, the patient had recurrent frequent urination and blood in the urine. So she took some tests in local hospital and was diagnosed with glandular cystitis. She took some anti-inflammatory and hemostasis drugs, so the symptoms improved to some extent. After then, her symptoms were frequently recurrent. She was asked to take surgery treatment, in consideration of the huge damage and the pain, so she found the Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic, and finally took the herbal treatment rather than surgery. 
Western medicine diagnosis: glandular cystitis 
 TCM diagnosis: bloody stranguria
Consulting Time: 2011.4.20 
Treating course: Three-month treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
Treating process:
After 3-month treatment, the symptom like blood in urine was significantly improved, and she could hardly see the blood when urinating. Besides, her symptoms like frequent urination had relieved but existed. So to avoid this symptom, she was prescribed another one-month diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Besides, she should pay attention to the diet, and she should take some treatments when she felt discomfort. 
The symptom like blood in urine was cured completely, and the frequent urination was greatly improved. She only had some mild discomfort when urinating. To radically cure her symptoms and prevent the relapse of her symptoms, so she asked to take one-month herbal medicine again. She was asked to take a cystoscopy test after finishing the medicine. 
Both urinary frequency and blood were cured, and her glandular cystitis was cured through the cystoscopy test in local hospital. To prevent the recurrence of this disease, she was asked to pay enough attention to the diet.