Bladder infection Cured By Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

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Name: Ms. Wu
Gender: Female
Age: 43 years old
Symptoms: urinary frequency and urgency, painful and burning urination, bloody urine for over one year.
Medical history: One year ago, the patients was diagnose with bladder infection. She was prescribed 10 days antibiotics. The symptoms were almost gone after the medication. However, two weeks later, the urinary frequency appeared again, then she went to the doctor and prescribed a different antibiotic. But this time the symptoms seemed have no improvement. Then she tried many other treatment to relieve the disease but none of them have obvious curative effect. By chance, she found Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and she decided to have a try. Then she ordered one month pill.
TCM diagnosis: Bladder infection
Consulting Time: 2016.4.15
Treating course: Three-month treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
Treating process:
After one month treatment, the bloody urine disappeared. But the urinary problems still affect her so much. So she ordered another month medication to treat this symptom.
The bloody urine wasn’t recur, and the frequent urination was greatly improved. The discomfort when urinating is mild. Since bladder infection can recur easily if the infection wasn’t cured completely, she was suggested to order anther month medication to avoid the recurrence.
Both the urinary disorders and bloody urine cured radically. To prevent the relapse of bladder infection, she was suggested to attach importance to her living habits and personal htgiene.