How Is Chlamydia Diagnosed and Treated?

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Chlamydia is an infectious disease, often appearing in people who have intercourse and specially those who have multiple sexual partners. Just as we know, Chlamydia is sexual transmitted disease. According to statistics, Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs in US. And as time goes by, incidence of chlamydia infection is also increasing. If you are planning to have a test for the diagnosis of chlamydia infection however, fail to know the detailed procedures. Well, please read on and you will get all you want to know about.
How is chlamydia diagnosed?
Firstly, Diagnosing the Chlamydia infection, there exist several kinds of methods your doctor can use. But the most common way is that he or she will use a swab to take a sample from the urethra in men or from the cervix in women. Then the sample will be sent to the laboratory to be analyzed. Other methods are multiple. Some doctors also check the urine sample to see if there’s the presence of the bacteria.
How Is Chlamydia Treated?
Western Treatment:
If you are diagnosed with Chlamydia infection, it is possible that your doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics. Also, your partner is asked to be examined and treated to prevent from the re-infection and the deeper development of the disease. 
Normally, if treated, chlamydia infection can be eliminated within a week or two. However, with the reference to patients’ clinical feedbacks, antibiotics have the drug-resistance, and it is easy to reoccur even after Chlamydia infection is healed well. Therefore, this is absolutely its disadvantage. In addition, some severe patients with Chlamydia infection, they may require hospitalization, at this time, patients should listen to the doctor’s suggestion.
Traditional chinese herbal treatment
As for traditional chinese herbal treatment, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill and fuyan pill is currently acceptable highly for the treatment of Chlamydia infection in the chinese market. Both of them have their own patents and without any bad effects, with the features of no-drug resistance and no-drug tolerance, patients can take them for a long time till they can be cured completely. Meanwhile, the pills have the function of kill various kinds of bacteria, virus, pathogens, aiming at making Chlamydia, Mycoplasma become negative. Generally speaking, Chlamydia infection can be cured within three months. 
Please be noticed: owing to male and female different body structures, then on the herbal treatment for Chlamydia, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is suitable for men, then fuyan pill is offered for women with Chlamydia infection.
Besides these, as we mentioned, chlamydia is a sexual transmitted disease which can be spread among sexual partners, and if you have this disease, it is better to tell your sexual partners. Patients must ensure that your partners obtained treatment as well. Please do not have intercourse until you both are cured well.