Chlamydia Damages Male Fertility, What Are The Treatments for It?

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Male fertility can also be damaged by Chlamydia even female fertility is often damaged by the disease. In the United Kingdom, the most common STD (sexually transmitted disease) is Chlamydia. Numerous infected people do not know they are infected for not apparent symptoms can be caused by the disease. But male fertility can be damaged by Chlamydia.

The quality of the male sperm can be harmed by Chlamydia, it was discovered by researchers from Canalejo University Hospital, La Coruna, Spain.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference, Washington D.C is the place where the findings of scientists were put.

143 men who were infected with Chlamydia and another urinary tract infection and had not managed to father children, their sperms were analyzed by scientists. In these men's sperm, the degree of DNA fragmentation was three times higher than in healthy men's, it was found by them. A higher number of sperms with defective shapes were had by them as well as a low sperm count. Infected men's sperm had poor motility (they did not swim well), this was found by them also.

 13% of the infertile men managed to get their partners pregnant during this time in which their sperm DNA fragmentation was improved to 36%, it was found by the researchers for four months’ treating 95 of the infertile men with antibiotics. 86% of the couples became pregnant by the end of the treatment.

The bacteria that causes Chlamydia infection was carried by approximately 10% of UK people aged 18-25 which as estimated. Several health experts fear the disease is not taken seriously enough though a well-publicized screening program was set up by the National Health Service.

A bacterium Chlamydia is; as well as the cervix of females, in males and females, the urethra can be infected by it usually. The joints (causing a kind of arthritis) can be affected by it occasionally, and the reproductive organs and the eyes can be affected by it too. Joint pain as well as a rash on the penis as skin problems can be caused by a reaction to Chlamydia occasionally.

By having unprotected sex can you get Chlamydia. What are common symptoms of  Chlamydia?  No symptoms can be experienced by infected people usually. For males, symptoms are infertility, swelling in the testicles and scrotum caused by the bacterium passing to the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles (vas deferens), slight discharge from the penis, stinging sensation when urinating etc.

What are treatments for Chlamydia? Tetracycline, azithromycin or erythromycin as a short course of antibiotics can be included, also an alternative treatment- Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is effective, or better. For the latter one will cause no drug resistance or side effect, often patients can be cured within several months without getting the disease again.

If your partner is also infected, a treatment should be gotten by her also after visiting a doctor. There is a big risk that you will become infected again if your partner doesn’t get a treatment after being infected by you, also other sexual partners of your partner’s can be infected also.