Do Men Have Self-healing Abilities after Getting Blood in Semen?

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Mr Li was troubled by something recently, for he found blood in semen not long ago, and the symptom was increased recently. Influenced by traditional concept, his wife thought the symptom was not a good thing. So they were very nervous about the problem, but Mr li didn’t go to a hospital for a long time for thinking the disease an embarrassing thing. In the end, he finally agreed to go to a hospital and got a check persuaded by his wife. The diagnosis showed the blood in semen was caused by chronic inflammation in urethral prostate. How can the disease damage a man’s body?

After getting blood in semen, men don’t have self-healing abilities. Many people don’t know much about hemospermia nor they know causes or symptoms of the disease. Expert said we call blood in semen hemospermia medically, main symptoms are red or coffee semen during sex and fresh or old blood in semen. Sometimes men can’t find the problem easily, for it occurs in sex usually and often men treat it as blood in women’s private parts.“
Don’t delay the treatment by ignoring the symptom! Experts said men have the self-healing abilities if the blood is caused by drastic actions during sex, during which some tissues have sharp congestion and mechanical collision, then occasionally blood in semen may occur. But various male diseases cause blood in semen mostly, so men don’t have self-healing abilities commonly. It is better for a man to go to have a check in a hospital as soon as possible, other than that, he should pay attention to if he has abdominal pain in the past, semen condition during spermatorrhea or when ejaculating, also he needs to get checks like a routine urinalysis, prostatic fluid, semen etc. If there is an inflammation, then a treatment needs to be gotten immediately, besides, he needs to be careful of movement range in sex to prevent the possibility of damage to sex organs. If blood in semen exists for a long time and is increased day after day, then there is a possibility for inflammation in seminal vesicle or urethra, calculus or even tumour, so a man must pay enough attention if he see blood in semen.
The quality of semen can be damaged by blood in semen, experts said, without a suitable treatment for a long time, men may get infertility. The most common cause of blood in semen is seminal vesiculitis usually. Seminal vesicle is close to prostate, urinary tract and rectum, it can be influenced by any disease from each organ easily. On the wall of seminal vesicle, there is a tiny rete vasculosum which contains a lot of capillaries, when seminal vesiculitis is caused by cell inflammation, there will be swelling and congestion on the wall of seminal vesicle, and capillaries will rupture and bleed. Men will discharge fresh red, dark red or coffee semen after sex, also they can have mild pain in perineum, around anus or in lower abdomen.
Blood in semen can be found in young couples the most, but it can occur in men of different ages. Experts said blood in semen exists in many common male diseases, so men don’t need to be afraid of the disease and avoid going to a hospital to get a treatment. The best way to cure the blood in semen is going to a hospital and get a check to find the cause, then get the most suitable treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, as an alternative treatment for the disease can cure men within several months usually with no drug resistance or side effect. It is  totally safe and green for herbs inside the medicine are used to cook food in China also, so patients can trust the safety of the TCM totally.