How Can TCM Treat Hemospermia Cause by Seminal Vesiculitis?

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The color of a man's semen can indicate his health. Many men are frightened and overwhelmed when they find that their semen has turned red. Red semen, or hemospermia, means there are blood cells or blood in the semen. According to male urological experts, men should not panic when blood is in semen.

Seminal vesiculitis is mainly caused by inflammation. Men need to find the cause of the bleeding semen for targeted treatment. The treatment of seminal vesiculitis should be timely and effective. Otherwise, it is likely to become chronic or lead to recurrent  hemospermia episodes. Nowadays, more and more patients choose to use herbal medicine to treat hemospermia. Herbal medicine is less harmful to the body and can achieve good results.

The main symptom of seminal vesiculitis is hemospermia. Seminal vesiculitis is often complicated with prostatitis, and its infection is mostly spread by the urethra and prostate infection, followed by lymphatic and bloodstream infection. The secretion of the seminal vesicle gland is a white or yellowish liquid with stickiness. 70% of the semen ejaculated during sexual excitement comes from the seminal vesicle gland. 

When seminal vesicle inflammation occurs due to inflammatory stimulation, the wall of the seminal vesicle appears swollen and congested. There is a layer of tiny blood vessel network in the seminal vesicle wall, and the network is rich in microvessels, which is easy to be injured and cause bleeding, leading to the occurrence of hemospermia.
If persistent blood in the semen is found, it can be diagnosed as hemospermia. It is recommended to take the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for symptomatic treatment, which is prepared by herbs and will not produce drug resistance. It can kill many bacteria and viruses that cause male genitourinary system diseases and has significant therapeutic effects on common male disorders such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, cystitis, etc.
In addition, treatment depends on what is causing hemospermia. If blood in the semen occurs only occasionally, it may be caused by bleeding of certain tissues during intercourse due to rapid congestion and mechanical collision. There is no need to panic about this occasional blood in the semen, as it can be fully recovered by suspending intercourse for a week or two.

However, if the hemospermia is caused by urinary system inflammation, it is important to go to the hospital in time. Choose a sensitive antibiotic for symptomatic treatment under the guidance of the doctor. Although this treatment is generally effective, patients can choose natural medicine to reduce damage to the body from long-term antibiotics.
Patients with seminal vesiculitis who develop hemospermia can be treated with TCM. There are usually the following four types causing hemospermia.
1. Damp-heat diffusing downward 
When the patient has a large amount of blood semen that is red or dark red; burning and an unpleasant feeling in urine, bloody urine, cramping and pain in the lumbosacral, lesser abdomen and perineum, chills, fever, bitter and sticky mouth and red tongue and yellow greasy coating, the patients can choose to treat the symptom mainly by clearing heat and dampness, cooling the blood and stopping bleeding.
2. Fire excess from Yin deficiency
When the patient has little scarlet blood sperm, hot flashes in the afternoon, sore waist and soft knees, dizziness and tinnitus, dry mouth and yellow urine, red tongue, and little coating, he can choose to nourish Yin, reduce fire, cool blood and stop bleeding for the treatment.
3. Qi and blood deficiency
When the patient has blood sperm for a long time, pale and light color, pale complexion, loose stool, pale yellow urine, palpitation insomnia, pale and fat tongue and vacuous pulse condition, he can treat the disease by tonifying Qi, promoting blood and directing blood back to the spleen.
4. Blood stasis and Internal blockage
When the patient has purple, dark blood sperm and even blood clots discharge, penile pain when the sperm discharges, or blood sperm for a long time that is not healed, dark red tongue, or ecchymosis, the primary treatment is to promote blood stasis and stop bleeding.
For the sake of men's health, it is recommended that male patients should abstain from sex and pay attention to personal hygiene and prohibit unclean sexual intercourse. Besides, they should try to avoid spicy and stimulating foods, drink more warm water and less coffee, pay attention to rest and enhance physical fitness.
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