Seminal Vesiculitis Can Bring about Ejaculation Abnormality, Why?

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A distinguishing feature of seminal vesiculitis is hematospermia. Some male patients feel helpless when they find blood in their semen. It can significantly stimulate male patients and their sexual partners, causing panic. Semen is very important to men and is the key to male fertility. The sperm in semen is the messenger of fertility. So, once suffering from seminal vesiculitis, will male patients' normal ejaculation be affected? Will they have abnormal ejaculation?

Patients with seminal vesiculitis generally have hematospermia and frequent, urgent, and painful urination. In some patients, the diameter of seminal vesicles is coarse and enlarged, and cysts or calcification may occur. At the same time, there are usually bacteria detected in semen. That means the male reproductive system is showing signs of infection. Patients will encounter painful ejaculation, and their sexual life may be stopped due to pain in ejaculation. 
Once there is inflammation in the seminal vesicles, they will endanger male sexual life, leading to abnormal ejaculation. Abnormal ejaculation is generally manifested in the following aspects:
Seminal vesiculitis may cause changes in semen composition. The seminal vesicle contains some nutrients to support sperm and seminal plasma activity. There are also traces of acids, such as lactic acid. When inflammation occurs in seminal vesicles, bacteria will be in seminal plasma. Lactic acid will also be excreted in seminal plasma by bacterial toxins and metabolites, and bacteria will eat the nutrients in seminal plasma and even snatch oxygen, reducing the quality of semen in patients.
2. Another sign of abnormal semen is hematospermia. Hematospermia is the most typical clinical symptom of seminal vesiculitis. It is caused by seminal vesicle mucosal congestion and edema, and capillary rupture. The manifestation is seminal fluid redness. Also, blood threads and blood clots may be found.
3. Seminal vesiculitis may lead to a decrease in the pH, and an increase in the viscosity of semen, so acidic substances in seminal vesiculitis will increase the probability of sperm aborting. At the same time, the seminal plasma contains bacteria and many white blood cells, but there may also be some pus. So the sperm motility and number will decrease, and the survival rate of sperm will be greatly reduced.
4. Weak ejaculation may occur in patients with seminal vesiculitis. Seminal vesiculitis can lead to narrowing and blockage of the ejaculatory duct. With urethral edema, the passage of semen is blocked, resulting in weak ejaculation. That is, semen flows out of the urethral opening instead of ejaculating. As a result, the patients feel weak during ejaculation, the semen is not ejaculated all the time, or the ejaculate volume is too small with an amount of less than one milliliter at a time. This condition will lead to a reduction of the sperm and egg binding rate and induce infertility.
5. Seminal vesiculitis can cause painful ejaculation. Seminal vesiculitis can lead to the seminal vesicles and ejaculatory duct mucosal congestion and edema, causing nerve sensitivity. When ejaculating, the patients will experience pain and discomfort, and this condition will affect the patients' experience of orgasm.
Therefore, seminal vesiculitis can lead to abnormal ejaculation in patients. So, patients should not underestimate the influence of seminal vesiculitis on them. If there are symptoms of seminal vesiculitis, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. Taking proper treatment under the guidance of doctors can avoid the deterioration of the condition. 
Besides, using traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can benefit patients during their treatment of seminal vesiculitis. The pain and discomfort caused by inflammation can be relieved, and the symptoms of abnormal ejaculation can be greatly improved. In addition to timely treatment and good personal care, patients should remember that having good rest and moderate exercise can help them recover faster.
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