Will There be a Risk of Recurrence After Seminal Vesiculitis Recovery?

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Seminal vesiculitis is a common inflammation of the male reproductive system. Male seminal vesicles can secrete and store seminal vesicle fluid, which is an integral part of semen. Therefore, most patients will have symptoms of hemospermia. Seminal vesiculitis is an inflammatory disease caused by pathogenic microorganism infection or by congestion and edema of seminal vesicles or even bleeding due to other reasons, which will not only affect male sexual function but also lead to male infertility. Need timely treatment!

Can seminal vesiculitis recur after healing? Let's have a look!
The high recurrence rate of seminal vesiculitis is mainly due to the unique structure of the seminal vesicle. Seminal vesiculitis can be caused by the infection of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. It is mainly an inflammation formed by retrograde entering the seminal vesicle from the urinary system.
After the disease, bacteria will stay in the seminal vesicle, challenging to treat, and the condition can recur. After the illness, sufficient and sufficient medication should be taken, and pay attention to the protection of seminal vesicles to reduce the recurrence rate of seminal vesiculitis.
Seminal vesiculitis is because the seminal vesicle is a pair of long oval cystic organs, which are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. This unique structural feature will lead to poor drainage after seminal vesiculitis, which will cause pathogenic microorganisms to lie in the seminal vesicle for a long time, bringing great difficulty to the treatment. When the body resistance is relatively poor, it will cause repeated attacks of symptoms. After the illness, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's advice to take adequate and complete medication to eliminate inflammation. If the treatment is not thorough or timely, it will lead to repeated attacks.
Therefore, when seminal vesiculitis is found, it is necessary to treat it actively. Otherwise, it will bring great trouble to life. However, due to the structural characteristics of the seminal vesicle, its mucosal folds are high and thin, and it is easy for the root of the disease to remain after the occurrence of inflammation, which is difficult to cure completely. If you do not pay attention, you will make a comeback!
The causes of the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis after recovery are as follows:
1. Incomplete treatment during the acute attack period leads to chronic disease, which is an important reason for recurrence.
2. The ejaculatory duct orifice is narrow or obstructed, and the inflammatory substances secreted by the seminal vesicle are not drained smoothly, leading to repeated attacks of seminal vesiculitis.
3. Urinary tract infection and urine regurgitation will reverse infection of seminal vesicles by pathogenic bacteria and repeated attacks of seminal vesiculitis.
4. Suffering from chronic prostatitis, it is also easy to induce the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis.
5. The pathogenic bacteria causing seminal vesiculitis are chlamydia mycoplasma and other particular pathogenic microorganisms. Antibiotic treatment often produces drug resistance, producing unsatisfactory treatment effects and repeated attacks.
6. The patient ignored correcting the bad living habits after recovery. Uncontrolled sexual life, prolonged sitting, and drinking are also important reasons for the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis.
How to effectively prevent the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis?
Suppose the seminal vesiculitis cannot be cured for a long time, and the symptoms of hemospermia recur, in addition to pain and discomfort. In that case, the patients will also have a heavier psychological burden and become more painful mentally, leading to worse conditions and a vicious circle.
So how to effectively treat seminal vesiculitis and prevent recurrence after recovery? For chronic seminal vesiculitis with a long course, conventional antibiotic treatment is ineffective and brings a series of side effects. 
When suffering from seminal vesiculitis, patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill symptomatically, which can be used dialectically according to the patient's overall situation to reduce the symptoms until it is cured. After the seminal vesiculitis is cured, protect the seminal vesicles, such as adequately decreasing the frequency of sexual life, avoiding eating spicy and stimulating food, drinking more water, urinating more, etc., which can reduce the recurrence rate of seminal vesiculitis.
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