How Can Teenage Boys Prevent Orchitis?

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Orchitis is a common disease in andrology, and most of the patients with orchitis are teenage boys. The occurrence of orchitis has caused significant obstacles to these children's psychology and future growth, so boys should understand how to prevent orchitis. Because orchitis has a severe impact on teenagers, it is best to avert orchitis.

So how to prevent orchitis during adolescence?
Due to the poor living habits of young men, orchitis occurs secretly. In medicine, common orchitis has two types: non-specific and mumps. Any suppurative sepsis can be complicated by acute suppurative orchitis and even cause a testicular abscess. The most common cause of purulent orchitis is an infection caused by the spread of epididymitis. Therefore, it should be epididymal orchitis. For better prevention, adolescent boys should also do the following:
1. Regular inspection
Teenagers should check the testicles every month for swelling or lumps. Orchitis is joint inflammation in young men. Early detection and timely treatment will have a good recovery effect.
2. Massage the testicles
Teenagers should remember the maintenance of their testicles. Testicular maintenance is an essential means to solve male dysfunction. Men can massage the testicles with both hands while bathing or before going to bed and gently pinch the testicles with the thumb for ten minutes in time and in the reverse time. Long-term persistence is bound to be advantageous.
3. Actively prevent and treat infections of reproductive organs
Orchitis may cause genital infections, such as prostatitis and urethritis. The harm caused by these complications to the patient should not be underestimated. Although the disease has many difficulties, as long as patients with orchitis are actively treated and the development of the disease is controlled, these complications can be avoided.
4. Improve diet
Avoid regular consumption of spicy and stimulating products and alcohol, and prevent the intake of high-cholesterol foods. Men should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and increase vitamin C and other ingredients to improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability. Don't eat spicy food, don't smoke or drink alcohol.

What are the causes of orchitis?
1. Unclean sex life
Many men suffering from orchitis are related to unclean sex life. Unclean sex life quickly makes them sick and spreads germs to their wives and even children, which is exceptionally harmful, and men must not take it with luck.
2. Ignorance of reproductive organ hygiene
Reproductive organ hygiene is not only a matter for women, but men should also be aware of it, especially for those with excessive foreskins. Frequently turn over and wash the penis to remove smegma because smegma can easily stimulate the glans repeatedly and cause balanitis, orchitis, etc. Diseases can also quickly cause the sexual partner to suffer from cervical disease.
3. Frequent and intimate sex life
Moderate sex life can bring people a pleasant mood and experience. It's good for the body and health. However, if men are indulgent, do not know how to control, and the reproductive organs are congested for a long time, it will cause a decline in sexual function, easy to cause inflammation of the testicles, prostate diseases, and problems with the sexual process.
In life, to better prevent orchitis disease, men should learn more about this disease and develop good living habits. Once men feel unwell, they must seek medical treatment to get back to health as soon as possible. Orchitis can be treated with herbal medicines, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 
The pill will not have side effects on the body and will not have drug resistance. Herbal medicine is an excellent option for patients with chronic orchitis. After taking medicine for a certain period, the therapeutic effect can come into force overtly. Don't worry about the result of every disciplined effort. There are multiple rewards. Keep on the treatment and maintain good daily habits. Patients can get rid of the disease eventually.
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