Herbal Supplement for Chronic Prostatitis

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Herbal supplement is a kind of food additive containing a single or herbal mixture. Herbs (or plant herbs) are a plant or part of it, which can be used as a perfume or adjuvant therapy. And the following several herbal supplements for chronic prostatitis has a certain therapeutic effect.

Origanum vulgare, Salvia officinalis, and Thymus vulgaris are fragrant plants, which are used for ornamental, cooking, and plant therapy all over the world. The antibacterial activity of essential oils (EOS) extracted from these plants has attracted the attention of scientists, because they can be used as substitutes for traditional antibiotics to enhance the resistance to pathogen infection.
The thymus is an antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant. The most important component causing thyme activity is thymol contained in volatile thyme oil.

Eryngium foetidum L.
Eryngium foetidum L., a biennial herb, is widely used as a medicinal plant in most tropical areas. Marigold and Kochi are used in Turkish Folk Medicine for anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, anti injury, and diuretic purposes.

Euphorbia is considered to be a traditional Chinese herbal medicine widely distributed in China. It has antibacterial activity and is an inhibitor of bacterial growth. Animal experiments have also proved that it has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects.

Ricinus communis
Ricinus has analgesic, antihistamine, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory activities. The research results showed that the methanol extract of castor had significant anti-inflammatory activity in an acute and chronic inflammatory model of rats, while the fermented seed extract of castor had antibacterial properties.

Nettle is a diuretic, it can increase the volume of urine and the excretion of uric acid (under the supervision of doctors) and is believed to promote urinary system health, such as urinary frequency, bladder allergy, and infection, support the body's response to inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and support kidney function.
In 2014, a study published in the African Journal of traditional, complementary, and Alternative Medicine concluded that the combination of Urtica extract and methanol was effective as a natural antibacterial agent against strong pathogens.

Hawthorn is rich in a substance called quercetin, which has the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and promoting relaxation of urethral smooth muscle, so it is very suitable for chronic prostatitis patients. In the guideline of clinical diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis, mistletoe is clearly listed as an effective and recommended drug.

Modern research has proved that Phellodendron contains berberine, Phellodendron and other major components, which have the functions of antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory and disease-resistant microorganisms. It has a strong inhibitory effect on smooth muscle and cellular immunity.
Side effects of herbal supplements are rare, but like any drug, you may need to consult a health care doctor before adding them to your diet or treatment plan. If the patient wants to cure the disease completely, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be a good choice, which is invented by Dr.Lee on the basis of ancient Chinese medicine formula.
This herbal medicine has multiple effects, such as clearing away heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation, relieving pain, diuretic, etc., so it can effectively treat chronic prostatitis, eliminate inflammation and help patients improve immunity, so as to achieve the effect of preventing recurrence.

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