What should be done to against risks when acute prostatitis is cured

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When the acute prostatitis is cured and the pathogen in the body is eliminated, the patient is still in risk. Because that does not means that all the lesion and damaged tissues are all well recovered. Actually in a while after acute prostatitis is cured, the patients are still recovering and their prostate is still not as healthy as it was before. As a result, they are more possible to get infected again than healthy people. Once the prostate get a hyperemia again, prostatitis comes back.

Preventing from another attack of prostatitis is what should be taken noticed of by the patients and doctors. Long-term treatment with antibiotics is not suggested. Patients who just have their acute prostatitis cured need to keep a clean and dry perineum. Avoiding from overworking and using asepsis condom while having an intercourse are also very necessary. To keep a regular sexual life or to have the sperm ejaculated while having sexual excitement is good for their body too. Intake  of an balanced nutrition can improve the state of health, and proper exercise can improve the immunity. By taking those measures, remained symptoms and the pressure can be released while preventing from the recur of acute prostatitis.
Besides, for those people who have their acute prostatitis treatment finished, some of them would recur prostatitis once or more, even after a very long time. The reason is probably that the factor that causes prostatitis still exists, for instance, poor immunity, poor sanitation, bad habits, dirty intercourse ,etc. They would get infected with some pathogen or disease germ infection, or even have infection of normal bacteria in the urethra. So, patients can set an personal principle, to have an complete plan to prevent from the recurrence. And for acute prostatitis patients, here are some tips:
• Keep a good mood and never be overworried about the symptoms.
• Have adequate sleep and avoid from physical work.
• Take exercise and do not sit for a long time.
• Pay attention on the diet and don't eat food of irritation.
• Have proper intercourse with necessary protection.
• Never hold back urinate.
• Keep a clean and dry perineum.
• Drink sufficient water.