How to Judge the Improvement of Seminal Vesiculitis?

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Many males have been actively treated after being diagnosed with seminal vesiculitis. However, there is still a question in patients' minds, that is, how to judge the improvement of seminal vesiculitis?

If patients want to know whether the condition has improved, they must judge from two aspects. One is whether the disease symptoms are alleviated, and the other is to check whether the indicators are close to qualified, but most patients only need to judge by the first method.
Everyone has different symptoms of seminal vesiculitis, which are related to individual differences. Some patients may have pain in the lower abdomen and pain in the perineum and groin. If the patient feels pain during the treatment significantly reduced, it means that the disease has improved. 
Some patients may also have symptoms such as frequent and urgent urination. Some patients may also have symptoms such as dysuria. Some patients may feel a burning sensation at the urethra. If these patients feel that the above signs are not obvious, infrequent urination, pain relief, and urination less complicated, they all mean that the disease has improved.
If the patient has blood sperm, such as the discharge of blood sperm during ejaculation, if the semen appears red or pink, and there are blood clots in it, after treatment, it is found that the color of the ejaculate is close to normal. And there are few or no blood clots. It means that the disease has improved. 
Some patients may also have systemic symptoms such as fever and chills during the illness. If these symptoms disappear or alleviate, it means that the disease has begun to improve. If the two signs of patients with nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation are not obvious, it also indicates that the condition is getting better.
The treatment of seminal vesiculitis can choose to use herbal medicine Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has the advantages that other therapies do not have, like the herbal ingredients without no sides effects, no risk of drug resistance, and a low rate of recurrence after recovery.
Maybe patients know how to judge the improvement of seminal vesiculitis now. Even if the symptoms have completely subsided during the treatment process, the patient should not stop the drug at this stage. Because the disease is prone to relapse, it is recommended for patients with acute seminal vesiculitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis. After the symptoms disappear, patients should continue to take the drug continuously to avoid recurrence.

Nursing treatments of seminal vesicles
1. Temper sexual intercourse: Abstinence during acute bleeding, and reduce the congestion of the sexual organs can avoid the aggravation of inflammation.
2. Avoid sedentary sitting: Sedentary people in the office should stand up and walk around frequently to promote blood circulation.
3. Physical exercise: Exercise regularly to enhance resistance and avoid upper respiratory tract infection and inflammation.
4. Warm water sitz bath: Regular warm water sitz baths can promote the blood circulation of the reproductive organs and promote the discharge of inflammatory secretions.
5. Dietary assistance: A bland diet is good for physical and mental health. Patients with seminal vesiculitis should not eat too spicy and stimulating food and do not drink or smoke.
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