Does Seminal Vesiculitis Need Regular Ejaculation?

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Seminal vesiculitis is an inflammatory disease caused by injury or germs infection in the seminal vesicles, with hematospermia as the main clinical manifestation, that is, semen is pink or red or with blood clots. Therefore, some patients affected by hematospermia refuse to ejaculate. Regular ejaculation has many benefits for men's bodies. 


So, does seminal vesiculitis need regular ejaculation?


Seminal vesiculitis is divided into acute and chronic. Whether or not regular ejaculation is required for seminal vesiculitis needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


If the patient has acute seminal vesiculitis, ejaculation should be prohibited. In acute seminal vesiculitis patients, in addition to hematospermia, the pain is more obvious; there will be ejaculation pain and lower abdominal pain, and the pain will also radiate to the perineum and groin. During the acute attack, patients should avoid ejaculation or sex because ejaculation at this time will lead to vesicle congestion or even abscesses, and the inflammation will worsen.


Moreover, if having acute seminal vesiculitis, the patient will likely have systemic symptoms and infection. If he has sex or ejaculate during this period, it is easy for the inflammation to spread further and aggravate the condition.


In treating acute seminal vesiculitis, the patient can usually use some local antibiotics, which effectively improve the patient's discomfort symptoms. Because the degree of pathology in acute patient episodes is severe, timely antibiotics are a good option.


In the case of chronic vesiculitis, patients can have regular ejaculation. Chronic patients mainly present with hematospermia and vague pain in the suprapubic area with perineal discomfort. Regular ejaculation removes fluid from inside the prostate and seminal vesicle glands and promotes metabolism, effectively relieving the symptoms caused by the buildup. 

If patients don't ejaculate for a long time, the fluid accumulates in the prostate or seminal vesicle glands, which will repeatedly lead to the recurrence of inflammation of the prostate or even seminal vesicle glands or prolong the process of healing. Regular ejaculation also expels some of the pathogenic bacteria from the body, facilitating inflammation elimination.


Since ejaculation is good for chronic seminal vesiculitis patients, what is the best frequency of ejaculation for patients to maintain during their illness?


During the treatment of chronic seminal vesiculitis, patients should not ejaculate too frequently. If ejaculation occurs too frequently, it will likely cause congestion in the seminal vesicle area, leading to discomfort and exacerbating the symptoms of bloody semen. It is recommended that patients ejaculate no more than once every two weeks and can choose manual ejaculation with a gentle technique.

In addition to regular ejaculation, patients must cooperate with other methods of systematic treatment, and chronic seminal vesiculitis will improve. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill for treatment, which can relieve the wall of the seminal vesicles congestion and swelling, promote the blood circulation of the seminal vesicles, improve hematospermia, frequent urination, and urinary urgency, and eliminate inflammation.


In addition, men need to understand the preventive measures for seminal vesiculitis and take preventative measures.


Control Sexual Desire: men should control the number of times of sexual life, not overindulge in sex or frequent intercourse, etc.; these behaviors will affect the function of the male testicles, which will lead to seminal vesiculitis. In addition, long-term masturbation can also lead to the emergence of seminal vesiculitis, so men should quit their masturbation habits.


Regular Checkups: Checkups are an effective measure to prevent diseases, and male friends should go for regular checkups for their health, which is conducive to the early detection and timely treatment of diseases.


Physical Exercise: Physical exercise can effectively enhance one's immunity and improve the ability to resist the attack of disease.


Regular Diet: Men who often eat spicy food are more likely to suffer from seminal vesiculitis, so they should avoid spicy food, try to eat more light fare, but also pay attention to the balanced nutrition of the diet.

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