Treatment for Vesiculitis with Blood-tinged Semen: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

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What if semen is in light red and blood-tinged? According to the symptom, it usually belongs to hemospermia syndrome, a most typical case of vesiculitis. In severe case, hemospermia blood concentration is much higher and color is much darker. 

Vesiculitis is induced by bacteria. The scrotum is probably infected if nearby organs have been infected by bacteria or scrotum itself has hyperemia symptom. "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" possesses the nature of detoxification and sterilization, which can eliminate pathogenic bacteria, diminish inflammation and relieve pain. This prescription has extraordinary efficacy on curing vesiculitis and varied genitourinary system inflammations that can cause vesiculitis. 
Acute vesiculitis usually has the prostatitis symptom, accompanied with general pain, especially in perineum and rectum areas. For worse condition, violent pain occurs during sexual intercourse! 
Chronic vesiculitis is probably induced when acute vesiculitis develops worse or treatment is delayed. Or it happens as a secondary disease of prostatitis. Main symptoms are similar to prostatitis. The most typical feature is hemospermia, blood color depth depends on symptom and illness condition. 
To cure vesiculitis-caused hemospermia syndrome, timely treatment is good for lightening hemospermia symptom. However, it may not cure the disease completely. Many patients find hemospermia symptoms are indeed lightened and blood-tinged situation gets better after a period of treatment. But the improvement does not continue afterwards.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill does not only possess the nature of sterilization and diminishing inflammation, but also promote blood and Qi circulation, which has extraordinary efficacy on eliminating hemospermia symptom caused by vesiculitis inflammation. Vesiculitis can be healed completely and semen would turn normal if only patients keep receiving treatment.