Ten Possible Bad Habit Can Cause Vesiculitis

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Seminal vesicle, the breeding organ for sperms of the male, is easy to be infected by pathogenic bacteria and with vesiculitis, a kind of disease of reproductive system, which, if not taking effective preventative and in-time therapeutic measures, would work upon the normal production of the sperms of the male that make it as one of the most prominent factors contributing to male infertility at present. To prevent this kind of disease effectively, here it is suggested to pay enough attention to and take active precautions to ten kind of habit disturbance that usually contribute to vesiculitis, for the reference of the male crowd, as follows.

Irregular work-and-rest habits. For the male, it is very common to engage in social activities and rack their brains all through the night for the sake of career consideration, such as a work obligation or an outstanding achievement and the like, that make it impossible to strike a proper balance between work and rest and to arrange a reasonable work-and-rest schedule. As we all know, “using” our bodies unreasonably in everyday life would lead to an overdraft of good health somewhat prematurely.
Unsanitary conditions. When you take a business trip, you frequently have to put up with the unsanitary conditions of the hotel you check in, by which it would probably result in being infected with some certain diseases, for example, a common bath towel that is un-sterilized due to a loose management of the hotel.
Not changing underwear frequently. Someone thinks it is not necessary to changing underwear much frequently due to the different physiological structure between men and women. Exactly is it not the case. On account of different resistance, different intensity of work, different food-and-drink habit, different work-and-rest schedule, different ages, of different people, it is always possible for the male that an impalpable fuse in everyday life, such as a sudden lassitude or a poor diet, would lead to an attack of malaise and subsequently a series of chain reactions of human body. Thus, changing underwear frequently is to nip some certain diseases in the bud in some extent for it could reduce the probability of infection of pathogenic bacteria and avoid the invasion of pathogenic bacteria through urethral orifice.
Too rich diets. Nowadays, all of the restaurants always provide a variety of dishes, such as hot, salty, sugary, sour or spicy foods, to whet your appetite for profit, which would irritate your taste bulb and olfactory sensation, make you cannot stop the desire of eating, lead to binge overeating, and consequently bring about a heavy burden on your body that is harmful to health. More importantly, it is necessary to especially mention cigarette and wine, the two most-favored products by the male, in which nicotine and alcohol are contained, from which the male suffers a great deal and by which it would do harm to the male reproductive function unconsciously, if too much intake in a long time.
Mental stresses and strains. In modern society, a great variety of problems in our lives, such as career, emotions, income, and the like, always occupy an important position in the hearts of most of men and consequently produce constant anxiety and nervousness, even when sleeping and dieting, which, as time passes, would contribute to decreasing of resistance of human body and probably bring inflammatory diseases to the male, and would aggravate the conditions of those patients suffering from vesiculitis, get them caught in a infernal circle and eventually do harm to the fertility of men, if they couldn’t relax their minds and take active treatments under the guidance of doctors. 
Irregular exercise. According to medical science, it is believed that a strong body would prevent the invasion of bacteria and diseases so that a daily exercise, which could promote your metabolism process, increases the vitality of your body and strengthen the resistance to bacteria, is recommended strongly. 
Untimely treatments for inflammatory diseases. A certain kind of disease might be a subsequent “reaction” induced by another infection which is not cured in time so that it is not proper to endure some diseases with all his will and should pay enough attention to any disease, even those very commonly in our everyday life, for example, a cold and other upper respiratory infection, a decayed tooth or looseness of bowels should be treated timely and never be hung up. 
Prolonged sitting. In term of a great deal of clinical cases of male patients, it is believed that prolonged sitting is one of prominent factors that contribute to an attack of illness, such as a white-collar in front of his computer desk, a tax driver in his seat, or an amateur horseman on the back of his horse, which would influence the blood circulation of the lower part of the body and increase the probability of being infected with inflammatory diseases. Such problems are easy to solve, so long as take a break, activate your body awhile and relax your mind when you have sat yourself down for a certain long time. 
Incontinent sexual activities. Usually, one sexual activity in one week is appropriate. Compared with other organs of human body, the sexual organ of male is comparative vulnerable so that excessive and over-frequent sexual activities or incontinent self-pollution would induce congestion and strain of it. Thus, it is suggested by medical experts that adequate prostatic massage could promote blood circulation and make for the discharge of toxic materials of human body.
Not drinking adequate clear water. A large part of human body is constituted by the water, and drinking adequate clear water would help the discharge of toxic materials of human body and maintain health. Furthermore, vegetables, fruits and varieties of food grains are beneficial to strengthening the resistance of human body so that it is necessary to take in adequately everyday.
The ten analyses as mentioned above have given some helpful points and tips about how to prevent vesiculitis. Everyone of the male could follow those points and arrange your life in term of your special conditions so as to prevent diseases and maintain health. Only by this way, could you have a happy life and be a man with satisfied sexual life.